Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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William James New York spoke against Ihe Secretary read the amendment was defeated Richxird dissertation writing services uk Wnght West Virginia asked a question about the mtended meaning the word celibacy in the report.

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days, comes from the Latm caelebatis which means the condition being remind the delegates are not as a committee bringing in definitions help writing a essay with this requested, abstinence from gemtal sexual activity between two persons. Mr Wright moved amend the report adding an additional footnote contain the definition celibacy as given support the amendment. Chair called attention the fact that the time scheduled tor the recess was at hand.

James Walker Southwest Texas moved extend best online writing services the time until all action Report No was Jt completed.

The motion was defeated. Crowson West Virginia asked a question the Chair responded. Bob Martin North Georgia moved that the nales suspended, and that immediately after the vote the pending how can i pay someone to write my essay amendment the committee report declared perfected.

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The motion was adopted. Mr. Wright's amendment was put a vote The Chair declared the Conference in recess. Question Regarding Committee Ordained and Diaconal Betty Whitehurst Virginia asked about the purpose the footnote repeating the same language as was included in the body the paragraph Mr. Quick responded.

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Whitehurst sought introduce an amendment the Chair ruled that, under the terms Mr. Martin's amendment as adopted just prior the recess, no more amendments the committee report Report Third Ballot for Judicial Council Members The Chair read the results the third ballot for Judicial Council members as follows ballots cast, invalid ballots, valid ballots, needed elect. On the clergy side, Albert Sweazy Kentucky received votes, and was elected.

On the lay side, James Dolliver Pacific Northwest received The remaining results the ballot were read as follows The Secretary gave instructions for the taking the ballot. Dale Dunlap Kansas West asked have his name withdrawn from consideration in the balloting. Clint Burleson North Arkansas moved that the counting this ballot delayed until action the reports ordination standards before the Conference was completed. The motion was adopted. When the ballots had been collected, the Chair declared the ballot closed. Margie Mayson Central New York moved suspend the rules such that only three amendments per report would permitted in the process perfecting reports. The motion was defeated. Steve Alexander Iowa asked a question about the Bob Martin North Georgia moved suspend the mles and declare both Minority Report A and Minority Report B the standards for ordination issue perfected, in order proceed the debate.