Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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I hope that this paper brought the attention the proper SKIN DISEASES IN SCHOOL CHILDREN I authorities, and if only awakens some interest its mission will Here a large field not only for the fathers school children but also for those who are members this Congress and custom essays writing service have the interest real Let not forget for one moment that the future citizen formed in our public schools, and that not enough teach them hygiene as a subject, but ebook writing service real practical hygiene, in order enable them take care themselves, and thus become strong and healthy men and women. Prevent the school from being the nursing grounds disease. No expense in this direction should spared. Any innovation, pay for paper if good and practicable, should applied and installed at once.

Sanitary perfection the only safeguard against all communicable STANDARDIZATION OF PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS The first complete physical examination school children in Boston was made during the school year and defects detected were recorded a card which appears in pretty general use.

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The wide variation in defects recorded in children living in the same locality, cheap assignment writing service but attending different schools, and subject the examination different physicians immediately became a subject comment and subsequent investigation.

One physician reported cases defective palate out a total school attendance, children. The total number defective palates reported the complete staff school physicians, in number, were, out a total school population, help me write a thesis children. In a boys school in a certain locality, cases defective teeth out a total school attendance, were reported and in a girls school in the same district, attended the girls the same families whose boys attended the school just mentioned, but examined a different physician, there were reported, cases defective teeth, out a total school attendance. And down the list the wide variation defects reported suggested causes other than careless method examination.

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Investigation revealed that each school physician had a separate standard.

In some instances, primary defective teeth were not recorded as defects. Teeth what is a dissertation showing fillings were recorded as defective a certain number examining physicians. So became evident that in order secure more uniformity in diagnosis a standard should set and with this purpose in mind, the following revised physical examination help with thesis card has been substituted for the card formerly in use and a circular in syllabus form defining methods making a diagnosis under each heading has been sent each physician STANDARDIZATION OF PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Mental Deficiency. History the case from the class-room teacher important.

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Failure make his class unless satisfactorily explained Anterior. No instrumentation allowed.

Raising the tip the nose will widen the alae and inspection the common defects can detected. Chief causes defective anterior nasal breathing are hypertrophied turbinates, deviated septum, spurs and polypi. STANDARDIZATION OF PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Posterior. Only instrumentation allowed the use a wooden tongue depressor-a separate one for each pupil. Adenoids will cause the velum stand away from the posterior pharyngeal wall and phd thesis writing help the pressure this growth behind the velum prevents the reflexes this region, which are normally present, upon depressing the tongue. Hypertrophied Tonsils. The normal distance between tonsils about i inches. Any appreciable encroachment this space enlarged tonsils would warrant the diagnosis hypertrophied tonsils.