Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Dental inspection in Providence attempts prevention as well as correction dental disease appealing children at a time life when they are most apt regard tooth-brushing as a waste time better applied in cultivating their youthful fancies. Medical inspection schools was begun in Toronto the Board Education in a tentative way, early.

Miss Lina Rogers was appointed Superintendent Nurses, and began work April buy research paper no plagiarism investigating the down town schools, seeking custom of writing letters out the dispensaries, settlement workers, and hospitals where attention could secured for the children the poor.

At this time there were seventy schools, four homes, two industrial schools, with a school attendance, children under the Board's jurisdiction.

On September two medical inspectors, and November two more nurses were appointed.

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The two medical inspectors and two nurses could only care for about twenty schools with an attendance about, children, giving an everyother-day inspection.

The work the medical inspectors and nurses disclosed such serious conditions health that arrangements were undertaken the Board organize a system at the beginning that would cover the whole city.

On February a Chief Medical Inspector was appointed, and March eight assistant medical inspectors, one dental inspector, and thirteen nurses were added the staff.

The city dissertation writing was divided into sixteen districts, each having two groups schools, the medical inspector visiting one his groups every other day, and the nurse making daily visits. On February, six additional nurses, and March st, ten additional medical best essay writing website inspectors were added the staff March, three more medical inspectors, and twelve nurses were business plan writing services appointed complete the medical and nursing staff, that professional resume writing service now there an every day service both medical inspector and nurse.

This year dental rooms were equipped in four schools, and i need help with writing essay four dental chairs installed.

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On April, two paraphrasing sentences online dental surgeons were appointed, and two more are about added, that four dental chairs will in operation, including Saturday.

I convinced a much more efficient service can obtained having the dental chairs in the schools.

Let point out here that all phases the work are under the direct and absolute control the Board Education.

The organization simple and direct. Through the teacher, nurse, and medical inspector never lose touch with the child until leaves school. During that time have taught that child the laws health, trained in practical hygiene, and right habits life that leaves school with a sane, practical knowledge how care for its body, and the importance itself, as others, the control disease and a clean life. We hold the teacher, the nurse, and the medical inspector equally responsible far buy a term paper online as that responsibility can fall upon them for the child's There to-day an altogether too narrow and contracted view the medical inspection school children. There the medical Health Officer's idea, which largely control contagious disease there the educator's idea, which largely concern over certain physical defects. We must broaden our conception the health supervision school children include all things that affect the child's physical, mental, and moral development. The coming generations are in our hands, and the responsibility lies upon give children a sane, practical knowledge the vital things that pertain their lives, and seriously affect their development, which are lightly considered now. Our great responsibility keep well children well then shall soon able care for the diseased or the physically defective. Every problem child life, light, drink, food, clothing, rest, amusement, work, cleanliness, etc. has a marked effect its health, and has a vital relation its school progress, and later its efficiency and earning capacity. So the teacher, the nurse, the doctor, and the parents have one goal the best interests the child, which means the production the best type Teaching Hygiene.