Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Cornell makes the statement that defective hearing the physical defect constituting the greatest bar progress in school. Hearing sufficiently impaired consequence in school work found exist in New York school children among those in Boston, and in Edinburgh. Deafness among school children may for all practical purposes attributed adenoids, in great a proportion cases this growth the underlying factor. Add this the fact previously stated that adenoids are the frequent cause earache, and a very usual factor in the chronicity middle ear discharge, and I would seem have sufficient reason for a brief discussion this adenoid question. I would include in this custom writing usa the element enlarged tonsils without each occasion a specific mention thereof, since adenoids are present in almost all cases hypertrophied tonsils, while in about onethird all cases adenoids are the tonsils diseased. A few statistics may quoted from an article Allport Chicago, published in the Journal the european Medical Association, last month. There are, says, in this report writing help for students country about, school children, which are suffering from some partially or need help with an essay completely remediable defect which more or less interfering with their physical, mental, and moral advancement, have defective hearing, have operable adenoids and tonsils. There are professional paper writer about, schools in this country, best cv writing service in dubai valued at, and costing about, college essay writing service a year maintain. In New Jersey alone there are, invested in public schools, costing, a year run There are, pupils with a possible attendance, days, and yet, owing absences, only, these days were utilized. Seventy-five per cent, these absences was due sickness, representing a loss the state about. Undoubtedly, proper medical school inspection would have largely obliterated such an intellectual, moral, and financial loss the State. In New York City, with a school population, the children are two years behind their grades, and this due abnormal eyes, ears, noses and throats.

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Dr. Cronin found in one New York school defectives, who were backward in their studies and incorrigible in their characters. One hundred and thirty-seven had bad tonsils and adenoids and defective vision.

After these conditions were removed, all their characters and school standing rapidly improved. A child whose eyes prevent comfortable study, or whose deaf ears render easy communication with those around him impossible, becomes retarded school, discouraged and careless, truant and idle, and ultimately very likely leaves school, forms habits idleness and vice and not mfrequently joins the criminal classes, and becomes an expense and a charge the State in reformatories and prisons. To permit such children follow such a programme neither economical, philanthropic Children who not keep with their grades are called repeaters They stay in one grade or room term after term, case study writers and hardly advance any in their studies. There are about. such best website for essays children in the United States, and costs about, educate or try educate them.

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A very large majority these, repeating children can kept from repeating relieving them their physical diseases or defects. All repeating children are a detriment everybody in the school room, and they should either cured repeating or else placed in separate schools. They frequently hold back an entire class, for the teacher either has neglect the balance the class for their benefit, or the research paper writers in india progressive scholars are taught at the expense the To the layman one the most apparent evidences adenoids more or less obstruction breathing through the nose, and this symptom, when sufficiently marked noted school inspectors, and warrant official notice parents, exists school children, greater among the poor and the young. The maximum figure for the well-to-do and this the minimum prevalence among the poor. Cornell, who has done much investigating in this line, says, Remembering that the statement necessarily made individual judgment, has been found that three-fourths all adenoid cases suffer in some degree from defective hearing.