Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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When the mother was the family wage earner the school nurse took the child the clinic for the necessary treatment.

There what is the best essay writing service were special physical examinations made, children the pay for a paper medical inspectors for disease, defect, or other conditions.

parents were notified physical defects total physical defects. There were complete physical examinations made, children, which, were normal leaving, physically defective total defects.

parents were notified, i, children were reported with defective vision, and with eye disease were supplied with glasses.

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were reported with defective nasal breathing, and, had adenoids removed. were reported with carious teeth, and, had their teeth filled or extracted, or.

were found with contagious disease, with skin disease, with ear disease, with epilepsy, with chorea, and with other diseases. The nurses gave, treatments this would include treatments skin disease, discharging ears, sore eyes, or dressings.

The nurse also gave, instructions in the care the head, It remembered that April ist, there were only medical inspectors and nurses.

Victoria, Australia, reports a percentage results Yorkshire, England, reports as high as. It difficult, or rather impossible show percentages the scope or extent the work accomplished.

Take a child reported with enlarged tonsils, enlarged paper writing help online glands, and carious teeth.

It more than probable, especially in the younger children, that the carious teeth are the whole source infection, and that when the teeth are cared for the inflammatory condition will subside and the tonsils and glands return their normal size. School activities must adjusted the needs the child's health, growth, development, education, and practical efficiency. DISEASES OF THE EAR IN SCHOOL CHILDREN THE ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE OF DISEASES OF The cardinal symptoms ear disease are deafness, tinnitus, pain, discharge, and, in smaller degree, vertigo, and according as they produce these symptoms diseases the ear assume an economic importance among school children. So relatively infrequent among children are tinnitus and vertigo that they may with propriety withdrawn from consideration in a paper this scope. This leaves then deafness, pain, and discharge, as the symptoms which must take note, which the two latter assume importance largely because their significance they indicate the probable presence diseases which may have as a result danger life, and impairment hearing. Pain, or earache, may indicate amongst school children, dentition, defective teeth, acute inflammation the external auditory writing website canal boil, or acute inflammation the middle ear drum cavity or mastoid either catarrhal or suppurative, buying essay and frequently, particularly if recurring at longer or shorter intervals, becomes strongly indicative adenoids alone, or with hypertrophied tonsils, and therefore a symptom the proper interpretation which may mean much the growing child. Moreover, a child with earache, with or without the frequently accompanying middle ear abscess custom thesis writing and discharge, unfitted for a longer or shorter time each attack attend school hence pain in the eaf takes i need help writing an argumentative paper its place as one the factors in the problem retardation school children, concerning which Gulick and Ayres, in their recent book Medical Inspection Schools, state that their studies lead them the conclusion that the greatest factor affecting the problem the child's progress through the grades that regular and continuous attendance. can you write my essay for me Discharge from the ear may arise in the external auditory canal, with an intact drum membrane, and virtually normal hearing, in which case usually indicates improper hygiene the ear too much cleansing with soap and water followed imperfect drying the canal. A running ear, however, usually means middle ear suppuration, acute or chronic, with, always in these conditions, a perforation the drum membrane, and more or less impairment hearing. In a goodly proportion these cases, moreover, may expect find a throat more or less obstructed adenoids, which their presence seriously interfere with a cure. Chronic suppurative inflammation the middle ear a constant menace the life the person affected account its proximity the brain and its covering membranes, and shown statistics present or more all school children. We come now the symptom far the greatest economic importance, defective hearing or deafness.