Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Heart disease was a negligible quantity, only in white and tV in colored. Intestinal Parasites. The examination for intestinal parasites, which was conducted as a part this investigation, throws a broad and altogether significant light upon the rather alarming percentage poorly nourished and anaemic children observed. Only fifteen white rural schools furnished specimens for examination and no means a full quota the scholars, and yet those examined were found infected with hookworm, those from ten colored schools examined the percentage was found nineteen.

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The village schools paraphrasing articles as was expected showed a lower per cent A division cheap custom essay writing services these positive cases white and negro according Comparison the heights and weights anaemic children probably hookworm, though many not thesis guidelines examined essay writing service us therefor with heights and weights normal children, gave the following interesting result A difference as weight lbs.

in boys and lbs.

in girls.

The significance these figures, if any, I will leave for others work out.

There are likewise some interesting figures the chart with reference the poor nutrition and anaemia in hookworm and round worm cases which time will not permit analyze.

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The Rural School Building Itself. I now come the school buildings and. the general surroundings amid which the foregoing children are being taught.

I will leave out consideration the consolidated village schools which in general represent modern ideas construction and equipment, as these without exception represent the abolition from three six the little affairs about described.

It will seen that all these rural schools are either the one room old field variety or old abandoned tenant houses, hospitals or store rooms and with the exception two the whole forty-two Location. For the most part these schools were located in the midst woods, remote from dwellings any kind. At only one was there any attempt cultivate the aesthetic rendering the grounds or interior attractive. Only four them had shades the windows. These were colored schools. This seemed, dissertation for dummies however, a rather problematical advantage since the average light space per school was only square feet, or about. the average floor space. Cubic Air Space. The cubic air space was less than, cubic feet per school cubic feet per pupil for forty schools. Two schools were in old hospitals which were sufficiently airy the January day which found the investigators there. Desks. A few white schools had very good, fairly modern varnished desks, but the whole the traditional ante-bellum, knife whittled, unpainted, board desks did duty as yore.