Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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At that custom application essay time no follow-up visits were made the homes but the parents were notified defects found means return postal cards, the return half used for reporting if treatment had been obtained.

Under this system about six per cent, the affected children received treatment.

with the organization the Division Child Hygiene, a staff nurses was employed make visits the homes instruct the parents in the necessary hygienic measures for the prevention and correction physical defects and urge the needed and proper treatment. Since that time, excluding the cases defective primary teeth which are not made the subject home visits, an average, the children have obtained the needed medical or surgical care. The appropriation for allowed for the examination, children, the number enrolled. Approximately this same number have been examined each year since.

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In addition, each child treated re-examined determine if the treatment effective.

In the same year, boys were examined determine their physical fitness take part in athletic contests and, exami nations were made children who wished leave school and obtain Each child entering school for the first time examined upon do my paper for money admission thereafter special cases detected the medical inspector what is the website that writes essays for you or referred the school nurse or teacher are examined, and third, the rest the children are examined phd proposal writing help grade grade.

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It would, I believe, wise provide a large enough staff allow for the examination every child once in two years with special cases examined each year or as much more often as necessary.

The function the school physician not make detailed diagnosis. It not practical in the school provide the necessary equipment and apparatus for performing refraction, nor for a custom research paper complete exploration the naso-pharyngeal vault.

There a tendency the part specialists in medicine claim that experts in their particular specialty are needed in order that accurate diagnosis may made. Such a plan neither practical nor necessary.

If carried a logical conclusion would mean that each child would examined at least six physicians. It probable that some the finer defects escape observation.

For instance, possibly some the smaller cavities in teeth may overlooked, but when realize that only possible obtain treatment for about per cent, the cases defective teeth account lack facilities for dental treatment, are warranted in spending any added amount for diagnosis rather than for treatment? A community justified in the expenditure necessary ascertain that there some deviation from the normal and for the needed measures school and home hygiene required prevent or cure the wrong conditions. Beyond that the matter should left the write my paper fast private physician or dentist make the detailed diagnosis and provide the proper treatment. Following this procedure in New York City each defect noted classified broadly as defective teeth, defective vision, letter writing help online defective hearing and Nasal or naso-pharyngeal obstruction sufficient give objective symptoms nasal occlusion designated as defective nasal breathing true hypertrophy the tonsils definitely classified. When any defect found the parent notified means a special blank calling attention the defect and stating that the child should taken the family physician for treatment. Where no attention paid this notice, a follow-up notice the same effect sent the parents the principal the school. If the child still remains untreated the nurse visits the home explain the parents the need attention and urge that the child taken the family physician. Only in case the family are wholly unable employ a physician, the child referred a dispensary. In no instance and under no circumstances are the medical doctoral dissertation inspectors allowed treat these children. 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