Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Paralleling this, brain weight increases ipidly about the same age, after which the increase slower.

The eyeball, which first develops as a modification the brain substance, even more precocious in its development. It credited with need help writing my college essay having reached adult size in the sixth year life. FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON SCHOOL HYGIENE Dentition presents some remarkable developmental.

phenomena With the eruption the first permanent molars, usually the seventh year there begun the change in which the entire set temporary teeth are cast aside and replaced a more numerous, adult sized, permanent set. Accompanying the change teeth there occurs remarkable development jaws and related facial portions, with resulting changes in facial proportions and facial expression. Size face size skull different from this time continuing change, course, until second dentition practically completed.

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Enormous demands are thus made upon the metabolic processes in these regions.

Within the jaws there must redistribution vascular and neural supply and a rearrangement the fine bony trabeculse offer website content writing services proper resistance alpng the new lines application muscular forces used in Certain anatomists state that the larnyx grows rapidly the sixth year, after which the growth slow until about the time puberty. The range within which pure tones can sung widens more rapidly from the age seven At this same time also differentiation the sexes may noted in the averages voice range, that the girls Certain which is the best essay writing service powers which are rather a psychological nature, but which rest upon a structural foundation in the nervous system, seem indicate a difference can you write my essay organization after the period here under consideration.

Tests precision in finger movements have shown a remarkable increase in neuro-muscular control between the ages six and eight. The squint which accompanies the early efforts the child fuse the images from the two eyes in binocular vision, if not corrected until after five seven years age, becomes deeply grounded as constitute a pathological condition difficult cure. Similarly, infantile babble, if continued essay editor online after this time, considered pathological. The power retain visual imagery seems readily lost in persons who lose their sight before this period life, while in those who lose their sight later, much more likely retained.

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While this not a list entirely new facts, when thus grouped together they seem take a new significance. W hether all these phenomena are due one fundamental developmental impulse or whether some follow as secondary results from changes in one or two principal phases, for example, dentition, a question that cannot answered the basis the facts at present available. Averages for the time greatest prominence help with writing for students are not the same for all the phenomena listed, nor does any one them appear at exactly the same age in all children.

Variabilities are great, indicating that here, as at the pubescent period, development not equally rapid in all children.

Because these things, cor THE HYGIENE OF THE CHILD WHEN SCHOOL LIFE BEGINS relations, not mention causes, can hardly worked out from the data individual investigations the present time. As stated above, therefore can not proved that there a transition a general nature, but the fact that these several transitional features stand closely grouped with reference time occurrence strongly suggests Regardless the way in which the above question may finally answered, the facts here cited furnish a basis for a number hygienic suggestions. That many radical changes in development occur closely grouped during this short period life would seem sufficient ground for the contention that attention free, normal physical development the thing prime importance. The imposition school duties at all onerous in their nature upon a child who undergoing these radical changes custom homework writing in his development fundamentally wrong. Again, bearing in mind the can someone write my essay for me great individual variations in rapidity development, must follow that qualifications for school entrance based upon chronological age, merely, and that not take into consideration the stage development reached the child, personal letter writing services are wrong and need revision. Compulsory school laws also need revision along argumentative research paper for sale the If assume that writing homework help a causal relationship lies beneath the correlations physical development and school success found in such investigations as those Porter, Smedley, Crampton, Quirsfeld, Rietz, and others, the number retarded pupils and repeaters throughout the upper grades would tremendously lessened. An enormous amount mental and physical injury would thus obviated.