Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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There has not yet been time judge the effect the ensuing treatment the little girl's school work, but surely one justified in a somewhat prophetic view. THE RELATION OF MEDICAL INSPECTION TO EDUCATION I All these stories illustrate clearly enough the need which the teacher has for instruction as the physical condition any child who slow or irregular or difficult in the classroom. In some states inspection for defect vision and hearing are made the teachers themselves pre-written term papers for sale and this insures their knowledge the two handicaps which most immediately and obviously affect school work.

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When the teacher gives the test children can seated according their condition in these regards and a proper allowance made.

The cases requiring attention can intelligently reported the doctor in the order their apparent importance.

When an examination made the school physician who in no other way connected with the school system, the knowledge the defect reaches the teacher's consciousness in some cases only, and who shall presume say where the fault lies? In all these statements and in the histories given no criticism individual work ever intended where mistakes or eeming neglect occur the fault, I sure, lies in the plan administration. The doctors must educate the teachers as the effect physical condition the teachers must inform the doctors as manifestation in school work the nurse and the teacher must act together if home conditions bearing the physical condition and school life the child are improved, and neglectful parents dealt with effectively.

All this implies a close cooperation which would seem possible only where principaldoctor, nurse and teacher are equally important agents one depart, college essays help IV. Work Clinic. The subject school clinics now verymuch before the school world. At present there are in the larger cities a great variety clinics varying standards, differing greatly in the time they can give school children. Sometimes action taken in these clinics known about the teachers, sometimes not, but safe say, I think, that almost never advice sent the doctor dealing with the case the teacher who in charge the child for the larger part each day, unless a special visitor involved. The good results obtained in the school for the deaf in New York City, and the classes for the blind and for cripples, where physicians interested in the special defect work hand in hand with principal, teacher and supervisor, show need help writing my essay how valuable such close cooperation may These physicians who have volunteered their service or whose salaries have been paid from private funds, have become important factors in the educational life the children in whose physical condition they are interested. Classroom work need help my dissertation has been modified their advice, special physical training has been given, and the school work has been greatly strengthened through this cooperation.

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It also safe say, I think, that the physician's knowledge the subject has been deepened through his close association with the school life. Should not the benefit such close cooperation extended the children whose physical handicaps are not evident and permanent? Some investigation has been made in New York, within the last few months, the condition a group children whose tonsils and adenoids have been operated upon.

The clinical work has been found very uneven and definite advice as improving hard get. Doctors differ as types operations and specialists now say that such operations should advised only those especially trained recognize the conditions demanding them.

They also say that the operation should almost never performed without hospital facilities, that children should never sent directly home after being operated but should kept for observation. Several years ago many assertions were dissertation support made as the beneficial effect this class operations upon troubles brain as well as body, and consequently they were advised paying someone to write a paper very generally those examining school children. The result seems that such operations are now performed research paper on sale large numbers children not always under proper conditions, and not always with Where can turn for knowledge this subject if not a department for medical inspection, and should not the children safe-guarded in every way from operations carelessly performed, though their school improvement given as a reason? The same true with regard dental clinics. After the agitation with regard eyes, then tonsils and adenoids, now comes the belief that the diseased condition the teeth due many physical essay writing on customer service troubles which affect the school career. where to buy papers Dental work difficult secure for poor children, especially dental work done under the best conditions able dentists. For those laymen who are interested in the hygiene school children, and who believe that physical handicaps underlie many the difficulties in the school with which the teachers are struggling, more information with regard the best way advising the parents and the best clinics which send the children needed. Many private physicians give their time with much generosity, but their treatment must often take place at a great distance from the school and unless special arrangements are made given without much knowledge the child's school history.