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Williams's contribution.

I think Mr. Williams the dissertation editor only man who has had the conception producing these vitamines synthetically in the laboratory. He has been working steadily at for three years, and I think this in its scientific nature as important as Ehrlich's synthetic preparation that will kill spirochetes.

It an absolutely new idea in best freelance content writing websites medicine.

We have been talking about vitamines, etc.

but now are going get them. Of course, Mr. Williams does not dahn that will get vitamines as find writing company them in food, because not known what they are but are the road, higher english critical essay help and I think the reproach which has been thrown the term vitamine should removed, and that a great many physiologists who have beUeved that were discussing things that knew not whereof were talking will now perhaps revise their opinions somewhat. Dr. Lbbbedo. I will answer briefly all remarks that have been made I said Dr.

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Agramonte, I have not claimed find anything new the only point has been that the experiment has been very striking. I presented the AmericaiT Public Health Association several years ago.

I had in mind anaphylaxis in these experiments and made the autopsy in one case beriberi, wishing see if was not anaphylaxis, because thesis statement help research paper I think in beriberi more than the etiological point that pathogenesis. That could proven taking the serum the particular case and trying with guinea pigs, also using different kinds rice and different ways experiment.

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I could not find anything in that experiment, and following that I used the rice when I foimd that the rice was toxic and truly toxic, acting not because was anaphylactic in the way that the anaphylaxis with the serum anaphylaxis. I have studied many, many help my essay kinds rice in different wajrs, leaving them for several days,, and, as I said in paper, I put into the peritoneum and never killed one animal.

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When I foimd this special germ that resists the temperature, I began killing the animals right along in three or four hours injecting into the peritoneum. In last experiments that was the most striking thing. When I give animals rice the mouth I not always kill them, but when I cause some irritation in the intestinal tract, then I can kill cheap essay papers the animals, occasionally in two or three hours after giving but not at other times. But not anaphylaxis, as I said in In a matter more important, that prophylaxis, I think are Ebcperiments were made some time ago with chickens and guinea pigs, using rice, but I never have seen them give the heart troubles and the pulmonary troubles the acute beriberi as I have seen in I will conclude in saying that should take great care with the diet itself. I in accord with that theory. It necessary very careful with the diet and have mixed, because may have the more chronic form, but there also should some care taken as the rice used. There also the packing the rice, which one the chief things considered in future congresses, because I think in packing lies a great danger for many, many diseases, as in plague.