Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Take an elementary book anatomy and physiology, and you will find that the sexual organs are suppressed, as if they would not exist. And you know what means not say The child the East Side, the tenement child, more than any other, needs custom papers writing good air the conditions under which lives, the congestion in The ignorance the essay writers net teachers explains why the wmdows dissertation uk the class-rooms are almost always tightly closed during the wmter and rarely frankly open in the spring and fall.

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Of course, many rely upon the modern ventilation system usually prevaihng the school buildmg but know to-day.that the artificial ventilation gives unnatural and bad, because warmed air, that can never replace the out-door air and that the best ventilation the open window.

One the most disastrous things in life, one those thmgs that often cause disease or make disease worse and cause death, the irrational fear disease. The teacher often guilty helping inculcate that fear into the child's mind as if has not enough this I have known many children who have brought home from school the exaggerated fear microbes, which, the parents helping, has grown in them almost a disease in itself, the microphobia. This possible only because the teachers themselves ffer from this scientific I have mentioned the incompleteness better said, the adulteration the school books the subject anatomy in regards the sexual organs but this only a part the whole system ignoring the sexual life but one the schemes which our crooked Home and School Education plays the ostrich game, avoiding the so-called difiFiculty teach sexual hygiene, ignoring the function the sex organs. I know that about this subject there has been some discussion here, but there never too much If they not learn the truth about sex life, if their legitimate and innocent questions about are not answered in school, there one thing which many children both sexes learn there, websites that will write essays for you that masturbation, which one the worst defects in intimate life and which accompanies them for many years, making them unhappy sexual neurasthenics in their adult age. I know that some you will protest against this assertion, but I convinced online custom writing services its truth.

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It seems ridiculous compare the enormous and beautiful buildings the New York public schools with the miserable dwellings called homes the workmen's children. Still, I dare say that help me with a thesis statement while the tenements are a great source pay to do diseases for all, the public school contributes a tremendous amount children's diseases in a populous city and that the school a very important factor in the propagation the contagious diseases. This firm conviction from thousands facts and instances from life. And this occurrence not difficult explain, when one thinks the crowded classes too crowded for the moral, intellectual and physical welfare the children and when one thinks the close contact the pupils for long hours indoors.

The school should the health center for the children themselves as well as for the adults living in its neighborhood should the center for enlightenment for the whole population, especially in cities with such an heterogeneous element as that the cities this country.

Generally, the hygienic rules coming from the schools and brought home the children, have an enormous influence upon the present home life, not speak their influence upon the homes the future men and paraphrasing a sentence women.

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The parents the present school generation, although few them learn all they could and should from their offspring, learn many truths from the latter. Although the sanitary conditions are closely related the economical conditions and only with the suppressing the social causes disease, will remove most the diseases and create an atmosphere in which men will healthy and beautiful still, very much depends ourselves, personal knowledge and care the individual health. Therefore the public school could great service in the work for general enlightenment in health questions and could have a large share in the physical improvement The remedy? The remedy, as far as the public school concerned and this leads the second part little talk looked for, according opinion in the following measures The class rooms should large and should not contain more than twenty pupils.

I know your objection paper writing service cheap this will necessitate more teachers and more school buildings, consequently more money. But when remember how much money being spent for the armies and navies all over the world, cannot see why should stingy with our The classes should built in such a way that they should almost always open-air classes and that they should closed only at a very extreme weather. We need not wait until the children acquire consumption before give them the benefit an open-air class! The schools should have large gardens and yards where the children shut tight not enough say others, open the wmdows, while you open them more than an inch. Everybody, nowadays, who claims nofto stupid, has heard the importance fresh air Ind says that his windows are open but this only fashion, and rom Llk deed there quite a distance and few are those who believe really and deeply in fresh air, who frankly open doors and windows. Only such teachers in whose flesh and blood has passed the belief the Ufe-and-health-preserving and the life-and-health-saving force fresh air, are worthy their name and high function. The teacher must prepared talk convincingly his pupils about every part Hygiene, must take the place college term paper writing service the parents who are usually too busy earning bread and shelter and who are often too ignorant educate the child. A larger place than at present must given in the curriculum the knowledge the organs the human body. The sexual organs should, course, included, as they belong our body, whether you like or not.