Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Thus, both women and men should shown as accountants, Hbrarians, plumbers, switchboard operators, TV repairers, pilots and grade Women within a profession should shown at all professional levels, including the top levels. There should no implication that a man loses face or that a woman faces difficulty if the employer or supervisor a woman. Publications designed for preschool, elementary and youth levels should show married women who work outside the home and should treat them favorably. Resource materials should not assume or imply that most women are wives who are also full-time mothers, but instead should dissertations writing service emphasize the fact that women have choices about their need help writing a good thesis statement marital status just as men Thus, a resource might say that some married people have children and some not, and that sometimes one or both parents Resource materials should never imply that all women desire motherhood and possess an innate talent for this, or that the emotional life a family suffers because a woman works. Instead they might show that when both parents work outside the home there may greater sharing the child-rearing activities or reliance day care centers, nursery schools, or other help. Both men and women should shown engaged in home maintenance activities, ranging from cooking and housecleaning washing the car and making household repairs. Sometimes i need help with writing a research paper the man should shown preparing the meals, doing the laundry, or changing the baby's diapers, paraphrasing strategies while the woman builds bookcases Show females and males all ages interacting. Don't limit father.

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Picture fathers i need help writing a paper for college and daughters and mothers and sons When appropriate, point out the uniqueness doctor interaction with women in contrast the custom his day. When presenting material the historical development the hospital, include the important role played both women and. Characteristics.

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Members both sexes should represented as whole human beings with human strengths and weaknesses, not masculine or feminine ones. Women and girls should shown as having the same abilities, interests, and academic writing help centre ambitions as men and boys. Characteristics that have traditionally been praised in males such as boldness, where can i buy research papers initiative and assertiveness should also praised in females.

Characteristics that have traditionally been praised in females such as gentleness, compassion and sensitivity also should praised in Like men and boys, women best seo article writing service and girls best dissertation should portrayed as independent, competent, decisive, persistent, serious-minded and successful.

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They should appear as logical thinkers, problem. Equal Respect. Women and men should treated with the same respect, dignity and seriousness.

Neither should trivialized or stereotyped, either in words or in illustrations.

Henry Harris a shrewd The Harrises are an lawyer, and his wife Ann attractive couple. Heniy a striking brunette. a handsome blond and In descriptions women, a patronizing or girl-watching tone should avoided, as should sexual innuendoes, jokes, and puns. In descriptions men, especially men in the home, references general ineptness should avoided. Men should not characterized executive resume writing services as dependent women for meals, or clumsy in household maintenance, or as foolish in self-care. To avoided characterizations that stress men's dependence women for advice what wear and what eat, inability men care for themselves in times illness, and men as objects Women should spoken as patients in the action, not as Pioneers moved West, Pioneer famihes moved Women should not portrayed as needing male permission in order act or exercise rights except for historical or factual Jim Weiss allows his wife Judy Weiss works B.