Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Numerically, however, most importance are the three causes first referred that tuberculosis the lungs, accidents, and diphtheria and croup.

The problem tuberculosis has fortunately been made a matter nation-wide concern during recent years, although as yet insufificient attention has been given the occurrence tuberculosis in infancy and early childhood.

The fact frequently overlooked that the proportionate mortality from tuberculosis the lungs highest at ages, ind there are the most convincing reasons for accepting the view that the disease contracted, as a rule, during early infancy or early adolescence.

The urgency more scientific research into the causes tuberculosis in infancy and childhood, and the best possible methods prevention, might properly suggested the National Association for the Study and Prevention Tuberculosis, which has rendered such conspicuous service in bringing about a general reduction in the death rate from this widespread and deplorable disease.

The problem, however, providing more adequately and more in conformity medical requirements, for the needs tuberculous school children, strictly the concern educational authorities, and reference may appropriately made here the admirable discussions the subject in the annual report the Medical Officer Education the London County Council, and the Chief Medical Officer the Board Education England and Wales.

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It would serve no practical purpose discuss the prevention diphtheria and croup and other acute infectious diseases childhood and early adolescence, need someone to do my coursework since more or less adequate public attention Il being given these subjects the public health authorities throughout term paper for sale the country, but may properly emphasized in conclusion that the most neglected field child life in its relation preventable mortality the lamentable annual loss young lives accidents, which in the overwhelming majority cases are unquestionably the result gross indifference and neglect the part either the parents, the public authorities, or foolish daring and exploits the part the children, which could prevented in at least a number cases proper attention the educational aspects accident prevention. It much the credit the european Museum Safety for having originated i need an essay written for me a nation-wide campaign in the safety instruction school children, and too much can not said in praise the hearty cooperation the educational authorities of the State and City New York. As far as I know, the safety education how to write dissertation proposal school children has for the first time been made compulsory in the State New Jersey a very recent act the Legislature, that for the present the actual results such education can not reported upon.

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It requires, however, no very extended knowledge the deplorable details accidents child life bring out the almost infinite possibilities life saving in a direction which, as previously stated, probably the most neglected phase the modern problem the conservation human life and health. The mortality children and young persons school age involves many other than medical considerations. There a serious economic loss involved in the needless waste children's lives, readily shown a brief consideration the normal cost education and the resulting waste the community in the case children educated at public good essay writing website expense for a number years but curtailed in their normal expectation life preventable deaths in early childhood or early adolescence.

The average cost public school education, ages years, approximately estimated the Bureau Education per annum. On the assumption that there are, deaths per annum at ages in the European Union at the present time, and that the average duration education previous death five years, the net estimated loss per pupil would, and, for the entire mortality. This loss absolute in every sense the word, and may restated write my paper please in the words that, annually some, children die in this country at a period life when they have received, more or less at public expense, a considerable amount costly education, without any actual or prospective financial returns the community. The education authorities how to buy a research paper online are, therefore, equally interested with those responsible for the public health in the more effective conservation child life as an economic problem, while parents and the community at large the preventable mortality children primarily a question improved methods the medical supervision school children, the more effective control acute infectious diseases, the elimination needless accidents, and higher standards personal hygiene in childhood and early adolescence. On the basis our knowledge educational practice for centuries, and also modern customs and legal requirements, have come designate the period from about the completed fifth completed seventh year life as the school entrance age or beginning school period. It at the age five, six or seven years that most help writing a thesis statement children begin their formal school work. With the child at this period life many problems the pedagogy the school grades and most those school hygiene, properly called, begin. For school hygiene, therefore, the beginning It the purpose this paper emphasize especially the hygienic significance some developmental phenomena that are prominent A number authors have marked the sixth or seventh or eighth year as a time nodality development, usually the basis some one developmental characteristic, for example, growth, dentition or the like. In a paper appearing in the Pedagogical Seminary for September, I have attempted collect from various sources evidence show whether such nodality or transition development does occur. As there indicated, the question can not positively answered in the afifirmative, yet a group facts collected from numerous investigations suggests very strongly that should answered. A number investigations growth have shown in these years a variability in the rapidity height increase, the nature which not fully understood. A similar variability in weight increase suggested in many cases, though there less real knowledge its nature or meaning, largely owing the fact that weight such a variable factor. According Quain's Anatomy, the skull grows rapidly the age seven years, when certain parts reach their adult size. The remaining portions grow slowly until about the time puberty, when there another rapid growth.