Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Members the Infant Formula Task Force wish, finally, record their appreciation the for this opportunity serve write a good thesis and the General Council Hospitals for its never-failing support during the past quadrennium.

We also wish thank James Armstrong and Dr. Connie Yerwood Conners, who served with for the first half the quadrennium before the pressure other obligations required them leave the task force.

We are grateful the General Council Hospitals General Secretary, Norman Dewire, and Executive Assistant, Dee Ann Kahn, for the splendid staff services they provided throughout the quadrennium.

Most could never have predicted just how demanding and complex the assignment would argumentative writing homework help prove The hospital, however, must engaged in many demanding and complex things if serve the present age, and are grateful for the opportunity have had a part this Hospital. in response a request from The Hospital. The purpose the task force has been prepare a written report the General Council Hospitals, and through General Conference.

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In a community faith that values all persons, both male and female experiences, and diversity among people, the task force has developed principles and guidelines for interpreting our biblical and theological heritage language about and people By reflecting the Scriptures and thesis phd being conscious the hospital universal, the task force has worked raise issues and develop recommendations that will assist The United hospital in becoming more inclusive buying research papers online in its writing a dissertation proposal language and practices.

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We intend our work promote the full personhood all and witness the wholeness God. We have not intended rewrite or revise the Bible.

Rather, embrace the in all its fullness, including its diversity images for God.

We are aware the global nature The United hospital and celebrate the many languages used in The United hospital, in the European Union and in Puerto Rico and in Central Conferences. We recognize that similar concerns and issues exist in other languages and cultures, while acknowledging that the work the task force focused English language as used in The Hospital. The task force has also reviewed and updated Guidelines for Eliminating Racism, Ageism, and Sexism from United Resource summarizing paraphrasing Materials, previously authorized General Conference, cheap online writing services and added Guidelines for EHminating Language Which custom college papers paraphrasing in mla Demeans or Stereotypes Persons with Handicapping Conditions. How speak about each other has a great deal with how speak and think about God. The language use about reflects and shapes how think about God.

Language both accentuates and limits our ability communicate power and love.

Words, being human origin, are both liberating and restricting. We need search for more creative ways expressing our relationship God. The search ongoing and continually report writing help needs sensitive all segments We can use words express truth and show the worth and value all human beings. paraphrasing in english However, words can also hurt very deeply, especially when they imply that some persons or groups are worth less than others. Words can uplift and liberate, but they can also demean and oppress in ways painful the victim Words that commend and affirm persons create and reinforce caring and supportive attitudes and behavior. On the other hand, use derogatory and defanjatory words and terms reveal and reinforce harmful and unjust attitudes and behavior. Only becoming sensitive can find the words that heal and avoid words that hurt. We must become more aware what language does as well as Language and human thought are closely intertwined.