Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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There a mill village near Spartanbui, in which you could out any day and find cases active pellagra.

In there were only two or three cases in that village.

So far as could determine, no particular dietary i need help with essay changes had been made in that time.

There was a very distinct tendency better conditions in the way improved hygiene and sanitation, but could not lay our finger any particular change or changes which could attribute the marked decrease in incidence. In I made a trip with Dr.

Sambon, London, the British West Indies, including Jamaica and Barbados. In Jamaica, curiously enough, the disease appeared confined two or three institutions.

We examined several thousand people in villages and institutions in all parts Jamaica, and found pellagra prevailing in but two institutions the asylum and a home for where can i buy term papers write my paper please children.

The diet in the children's home was very poor, but even was better and more varied than the inmates were getting before they went into the home.

when made this trip, between per cent the children in this home were affected. I have heard recently from authoritative sources that during the past two years they have made no changes in the dietary, only giving tonics, and the disease has disappeared.

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We have noted repeatedly in need to write an essay in one day our epidemiological studies that the incidence rate has a tendency one year and I also noticed in investigating conditions in the West Indies that individuals who were i need help writing an apa paper living an improper and poorly balanced diet, presented all the evidences undernourishment, and one the strikmg evidences presented them was interference with the nutrition the skin.

Dr. Sambon wished class these as pellagra, though the skin symptoms were somewhat atypical.

I did not agree with him for the reason that I could in no instances get a history nor did I personally observe any individuals with the gastro-intestinal symptoms common in pellagra. In Barbados, when going through the poorer sections Bridgetown, house-to-house canvass, and in Jamaica, saw many cases which seemed to fit the ones that Dr. Goldberger has described to-day as occurring in the convicts. I particularly wish ask him just what the gastro-intestinal symp toms were that easy essay writer refers It seems that in a crucial test this kind, where people have been a so-called pellagra-producing diet for the length time these convicts were, ought have gotten two or three cases with at least moderate but typical intestinal symptoms frequently observed with pellagra. The cases that I saw in Barbados and Jamaica that presented somewhat atypical skin lesions resembling pellagra, gave no definite gastro-intestinal symptoms, and in not a single case did I see the picture frequently found in pellagra a severe stomatitis. There are many observations that lead feel that quite possible that some etiological factor in addition dietary faults enters into the production pellagra. Dr.Goldberger has demonstrated very clearly that the way cure pellagra and prevent pellagra in practically all cases give the proper food. In considering all the factors entering into the causation pellagra, there are some things that seem to difficult explanation a dietary hypothesis alone. One these the recent appearance pellagra in this country. There no question that pellagra has been in this country for the last, or even years but I think there also no question that about began increase very rapidly in the European Union. We are told that the explanation this that began recognize then.