Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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A system with. enrolled elementary and high school pupils would thus have a hygiene supervisor two assistant physicians two hours a day, and three nurses The latter would full time, five and a half days, about forty hours a week thus giving four times the number hours the.

service as the assistant physician.

Whether there need any elementary teachers physical training, paraphrasing in english or more nurses or physicians, or any other changes, can determined through intelligent investigation the supervisor and superintendent after the system started. The present directors physical education in the high schools, with their gymnasiums and regular physical education work, will perhaps kept, a man and a woman for each large high school or group high schools. Such persons, however, should have medical training in order that they may, a large extent, carry the work medical inspection for the high schools and the best work as physical educators. Not having such equipment for their work, they should given necessary medical instruction and training the supervisor and they should also attend summei colleges for that purpose. Each pupil in the high schools should examined once a year the physicians, male and female, preferably the supervisor and a woman physician, if possible, while the inspections can carried the teachers, nurses, and physical training teachers.

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Since the latter see all the pupils each week, they should probably bear most this responsibility.

When trained, they may, with the help the supervisor, able, perhaps, make unnecessary any visits the high schools nurses and a sistant phy Both the supervisor and at least help writing dissertation part the nurses should work eleven months in the year, the latter in relays bridge over the summer months, some in July and some in August, in order carry the much needed inspection children in summer schools and playgrounds, the home visits necessary for new cases and for obtaining cures for old cases left over uncured from the school year, the instruction mothers in the prevention infant mortality and the home care the children, soon, if they live, become members the schools.

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The salary the nurse should not less than a month for eleven months, but paid twelve times a year the same as other school officials in all. Inexperienced nurses may started at a lower salary, say, and a higher maximum should established, essay writing service while all should a definite salary schedule, the same as teachers.

Oakland. Cal. has an admirable system under a supervisor at, and a corps nurses at, each with extra for carfare each.

Elimination Part-Time Services Physicians It possible that all part-time work for the assistant physicians may, as at Oakland and Albany, eliminated in many places. It a problem yet worked out.

Part-time services are undoubtedly only a temporary makeshift. The argument that such work keeps the physician in touch with his profession, and that prevents his going seed in routine seem help me write a report very little force. The right kind a supervisor will win the respect and cooperation the medical fraternity the community and will keep his assistants good site to buy essays in touch with the developing science their profession and general medical sociology while physicians who would seed in the manifold phases and developing opportunities this new work in the field state control the health the young are such as would seed in any system and any kind work, and should eliminated as soon as possible. No school official of the right type can to-day get very much out touch with actual life and scientific and social progress. The assistant physicians may give three hours each morning the work, but doubtful whether would wise require them the work the two or three hours the afternoon also. They might employed teach hygiene in the high schools, help supervise the physical training, school sanitation, someone write my essay etc. as in England, but they would require a salary two or three times that nurses, doubtful whether would not better eliminate the physicians and employ only specially trained nurses and continue their training in service. Diminishing returns with the increase salary physicians speedily bring in the school nurse, often more efficient generally than are physicians. Our Indians employ an infusion the flowers in intermittents. The same infusion has been much recommended some dissertation editing in flatulent this link this link this link cholic. 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