Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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J. Kenneth Forbes South Indiana, citing Plan Organization VIII, raised a point order, claiming that the Conference had acted improperly in approving General Council Hospitals Report.

The Chair ruled that the action referring the report GCFA met the requirements the rules.

Reginald Ponder North Carolina, observing that Ms.

Oehler, in her oral presentation the report, had stated website that writes essays for you yahoo answers that the committee recommendation was receive the report, asked the Chair explain the difference between receiving a report and concurrence with The Chair replied that, in his judgment, the report had been referred GCFA with the understanding that the Conference concurred in General Council Hospitals Report Wesley Wulfkuhle Kansas East presented the report, consisting the Council's recommendations related special Committee Council Hospitals write my math paper Report, Calendar Ms. Oehler presented the legislative committee report, which contained revisions the GCOM report which would add World Order Sunday as a fifth special Sunday vvath offering, the offering used for support Peace with Justice Hospitals. She presented an additional amendment the legislative committee report, substituting the phrase, and after promotional expenses have been deducted shall distributed, for the words for distribution in the last sentence the additions proposed Blaine Taylor Southern New England spoke in support the addition World Order Sunday. There being no ftirther debate, the legislative committee amendments were put a vote C. Ebb Munden made the final statement in support the report behalf the General Council Hospitals. The report was adopted and referred the General Council Finance and Administration see pages.

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General Council Hospitals Report Loder explained that this was a report the Task Force Hispanic Language Resources see.

He noted that the related legislative committee report had not yet been printed, and that a motion suspend the rules would therefore necessary. Bruce Blake Kansas West moved the suspension the rules, and the motion was adopted.


Blake presented the content the GCOM report as printed, explaining that the GCOM proposal was continue the work the task force within the work and the budget the Council.

Committee Council Hospitals Report, Calendar Forrest Stith Baltimore presented the legislative committee report explained that, when printed, would recommend concurrence with the GCOM report and the addition a resolution directing GCOM coordinate the task force, with membership from GCOM, the Rio Grande and Puerto Rico Annual Conferences, MARCHA the National Hispanic United Caucus, and representatives from the general Mr. Blake I would like raise the issue concerning cost effectiveness. We believe we've been effective for six years in working this task. We know that increased membership can increase effectiveness. But the GCOM does not concur with the amendment because are not sure cost effective add additional members this task. And our urgent essay help proposal without the additional members that the amendment calling for. We not believe necessary accomplish the Roberto Escamilla Southwest Texas spoke in support the legislative committee amendment and also urged that there consultation help with dissertation with Hispanics in Latin America, in order facilitate custom college essays sharing resources. Mr. Stith made a final statement behalf the legislative committee, in support its Paul Talcott Wisconsin asked a question about the procedure being followed the Chair explained that the mles provide for the two general councils report directly the Conference, with any legislative committee recommendations being treated as Mr. Blake made dissertation writing service a final statement against the committee amendment, behalf GCOM.