Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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If his eyes are defective, his arithmetic does him little good. If his teeth are poisoning his body and in that way keeping him from being nourished his food, gets little value from the teaching history. If staying out school because his head aches or because his nervous condition due physical ailments not being in any way dealt with, not enough designate who can write my essay him as a truant and transfer him first a special class and then a truant school. We have failed touch the cause in any case and are dealing with very superficial characteristics, just as the patient little thesis statistics girl was kept back term after term, because forsooth, she could not read without pain in her eyes. When can establish the principle that no child shall declared dull, retarded, incorrigible or a truant until examined thoroughly both for physical and mental condition and his physical defects cured, shall come nearer a fair treatment the children whom compel school.

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This work cannot accomplished the doctor or the nurse alone any more than can accomplished the teacher alone. The two must work hand in hand with constant comparison histories, bringing bear recalcitrant or neglectful parents all the pressure which the school authority, often the highest they know, can muster. Where connection this sort does not exist much valuable work has nevertheless been done, but gaps constantly occur just where the connection most important and should closest, first between the doctor and the principal or classroom teacher, second between the school and the home, and third between the child and the clinic, I. Gap Between Doctor and Teacher. Let close with three histories illustrating these three points.

Research paper introduction help

Saidie's parents live in New Jersey but she comes each winter school in New York, showing persistence and devotion in her school life, and a steadiness not always THE RELATION OF MEDICAL INSPECTION TO EDUCATION found in children her race, for she a little colored girl. Nevertheless she was reported the principal a special visitor for her poor work. The teacher characterized her as lazy and indifferent and below average in work. The more the visitor learned the child the more at variance this verdict seemed with her general character and history and finally her health record gave the clue. On the card was noted a history measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria and pertussis, quite enough one would think account for unrewarding effort in school.

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It impossible believe that a conference between doctor and teacher with regard Saidie would not have cleared matters completely.

Gap Between School and Home or Teacher and Nurse. Pietro came back Manhattan from the Parental School for Truants and was put in a special over-age class in his new school. The teacher there believed him quite unfitted for work because websites that will write essays for you his poor physical condition and reported him for advice a visiting teacher. She took him a physician need help writing my research paper who buy cheap essay online had volunteered help and examination the boy's vision was found very defective, several teeth needed extraction, there was nasal obstruction and only hearing in one ear order a paper because perforated eardrum and other ear trouble. Glasses were provided but in spite repeated efforts the cooperation the family in regard treatment for ears and nose could not secured.

The attitude the parents toward the boy thus described the visitor, Neglectful. Too overburdened with work give proper attention. Try cooperate with the school but are very unintelligent. The boy was constantly suspicious and finally the parents refused altogether take him the hospital.