Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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That eugenical idealism cannot attained in a short period time manifest, yet the hope ultimate success strengthened in the recognized awakening thinking men and women. How far can in the selection cells at present, an open question.

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The marriage license should certainly, even at once, accompanied a certificate health need help with narrative essay embracing freedom from active venereal disease or tuberculosis and freedom from inherited taint feeble mindedness.

Beyond this point I believe cannot yet The public will recoil at the idea mating a purely intellectual or rational basis, because sentiment a strong and useful characteristic the human mind. The improvement the human stock can accomplished through two great measures, legislation and education.

Legislation dependent the education the people as the importance health and virility in a nation that, in reality, through education alone may seen the ultimate solution the problem. Through sane and conservative legislation, however, should able prevent marriage among the manifestly unfit, both physical and mental. The physically unfit may include as already suggested those suffering from active venereal diseases, whereby their direct transmission the mate may prevented, but also the transmission buy a literature review paper either active lesions or latent taints which may result disastrously, at a later period the offspring the tuberculous, alcoholic, openly immoral probably mental defectives In regard the feeble minded the law should certainly require segregation at least, in the home if preferred those who are able supply the proper care for those afflicied, but preferably in proper institutions the latter should compulsory where home training impossible. The feeble minded call for our most careful supervision for very many reasons they are exceedingly prolific illegitimacy very common among them, and from their ranks are recruited a large per The question the method control at present a debatable one, whether sterilization or segregation.

Sterilization will prevent reproduction but will not prevent immorality and the consequent spread venereal disease. Perhaps a combination these methods best opportunity lies manifestly in the school room here can implant the principle eugenics when the mmd pliant and receptee during the formative years life, and implant these pnnciples that they will become just as inherent as honesty, patriotism, veneration and other desirable characteristics.


The child taught history, political and militant, and yet kept in ignorance the effects nations immorality and bad breeding.

He taught patriotism through a respect for the flag, a regard for law and protection from an invading enemy and yet that patriotism which means better citizenship, health conditions and all that makes for virile manhood neglected.

Is not time that the instruction the youth our land was broadened and not the wonderful school system the country the very paper writing services legitimate opportune channel through which work for the future improvement the nation? Why should neglect the most potent all factors, the education the children who are in a short generation the mothers and fathers, and in the seats government? Biology should regarded as a fundamental just as the three R's are, for only through biology can taught the laws nature which the race propagated, the conception cells and cell plasma and that they are two kinds good and bad, that through certain determiners and their development are character and health established through biology can the child best taught sex relationship in a delicate manner and entirely within the bounds propriety, and thus fully prepared gradually for knowledge which comes him more or less abruptly and from sources which are rarely wholesome but rather vulgar and The child at this age must also impressed with the moral wrong done in bringing unfit offspring into the world. This should taught as a fundamental principle and in such a way as incorporated into the whole make the individual. The far-reaching effects the various diseases, not only directly the individual, but also their effects when transmitted the next generation, should told in plain terms manuscript editing services without reserve or prudery and yet without suggestiveness. The importance personal hygiene should thoroughly taught that THE SCHOOL CHILD IN ITS RELATION TO EUGENICS becomes a habit such an extent that no other than a hygienic life The various forms domestic science should form a very considerable part the school curriculum, phd dissertation writing services not only because their importance in everyday life, but because right living in the home, which can taught more effectively in school than elsewhere, a potent factor in By far the most vital part domestic science and the part at present most neglected, however, the nursery. Young girls enter into the marriage relation entirely unprepared in mind or body for what lies before them become mothers, the highest office in life, without having the faintest idea the care the infant, with the result that many them learn the proper care children at the expense the life at least their first born.

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Why should not the care infants incorporated into a course in domestic science? The public school system should the pioneer in such a movement and thus serve the cause eugenics as can served in no other way. The call public health has never, perhaps, in the history the race been more emphatic than at present. It has in a way become a sort passion civilization. And this ominous that newer conception, the causal factors disease and the natural laws concerned the relation man those dominant forces nature which have been thoroughly investigated during the latter half the century just past. We have come realize as never before that man as part and parcel nature inextricably associated with his environment, acting and reacting upon and responsive at every period his life. The scientific method, which has become dominant in thought and practice, has recent years been applied problems human health with all the rigors its merciless logic. Among these methods, or rather a phase the general method, that statistics or the coordination and correlation all possible data relating a given problem.