Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Nor can one feel that a periodical medical i need help writing my essay inspection for medical defects meets the situation. From the standpoint sincere, individualized child hygiene, what demanded a thorough-going diagnosis the health and developmental needs at least every exceptional primary child. The primary school the port entry and strategic importance for child hygiene. Here most the special types children may recognized and registered.

This child classification pay someone to write my paper at source and the first step toward that consecutive, biographical supervision special children which must become the policy child special Types Children and Special Classes.

Take an ordinary someone write my paper kindergarten and first grade with a combined enrollment pupils.

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Among this number may expect find at least one child feeble-minded unable, say, draw a man or a house, one child who stutters, two or three who seriously lisp, another extremely anemic, one a badly spoiled child, another infantile babyish, a year or two retarded essay write service in mental growth, still another morally weak. There will probably one negative child passive, colorless, physically flabby, mentally inert, uncommunicative, possessed a feeble kind imitation one over-sensitive nervous child with exaggerated sense failure, over-conscientious, lacking in humor one superficially precocious essay help chat child another help with argumentative essay distinctly superior eager, ardent, imaginative, sociable. Without even including a score or more eye, ear, nose, mouth and throat defectives, have at least a dozen children in every hundred at the threshold our public schools who demand special recognition classification and special attention from the standpoint educational child hygiene. Here at the threshhold the place for timely treatment. For some these children there no better disposition than prompt assignment a special class. By this time the special class method has been put into successful operation for thirteen different types children.

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Supplementary Classes. As clinical psychology develops, there will undoubtedly a further classification and multiplication special classes. The special class movement has a great future the welfare, the hygiene certain types children depends upon their segregation. There will, however, always a number special types who demand special pedagogical treatment, but who can not segregated. For these english paper help must develop supplementary classes and other auxiliary devices. A supplementary class one in which a child reports for short periods retaining his membership in a regular class.

A good example the history essay help Speech Improvement Class, organized Dr. Reigart, principal School, New York City. Here boys and girls all ages throughout the school may improve their speech or overcome their defects entirely, with the assistance a trained teacher. The class purely auxiliary. The children all the regular school work in the regular grades. The simple point that here a school where the function speech not neglected. The ideal discover the speech difliculties in the primary school grades and bring all children whose speech not par from the first years under the continuous training and oversight a speech improvement tutor. All but Aspidiophorus marinus have been reported from buy a essay the Mediterranean or Adriatic Coasts, link site and all but Tetranchyroderma assignment writer papii and Turbanella find out here need help with a title for essay cirrata from the European Atlantic check Coast. 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