Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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If possible, the assistant nurse should at the school before the physicians arrival each day eliminate all but the most technical inspection cases puzzling her.

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The extra nurse, pupils basis, can daily visit and inspect each school not visited the nurse and physician who work as a team, and can help with the home visiting. Examinations. Complete routine research papers buy online physical examinations all pupils in the school system should probably made each year. They will begin immediately after the September room inspections and last thruout the school year, each physician having sufficient children keep him busy all year. The doctor and assistant nurse will work together in the medical inspection room and begin with the children the lowest grades. The nurse will make the examinations for sight and hearing, make records, fill out notices, and calm the children and get them ready for the more strictly medical examination the physician.

Ten or more children can thus examined in an hour, twenty in the physician's two-hour day, or a hundred as a minimum a week. The number will vary with the amount consultation over puzzling cases, the age the children, and the character the neighborhood. No routine height, weight, chest expansion or other anthropological measurements need made.

They are little used when made and are little practical value. They take much time and most help writing college application essay supervisors will find that they can eliminated without loss. All health records will placed the individual health record card, and most or all other records and reports will made out the nurse, thus eliminating the great loss time thru having physicians, at greater expense the creative writing service system, doing such work.

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Most individual record cards and most reporting systems are, at present, seriously defective. I have tried devise a system which will eHminate many the weaknesses.

The report made for each day and sent in weekly Saturday afternoons when all the home visiting buy research paper urgently has been done.

The extra nurse who does not work directly with a physician will make a report her own inspections and home visiting or give her report the physician's assistant nurse incorporate in the single, district report. We greatly need a tentative standard classification and argumentative essay help terminology for all the ailments children school age. One worked out the writer, which systematize and compare the ailments found in the twenty-five cities especially studied, here offered, along with an estimate derived much study the probable number children among each thousand pupils all grades who will found rather seriously affected during a school year. They are only rough and average figures, without deviations, and based upon poor records. The actual sum ailments for the twenty-five cities showed that pediculosis lice was most frequent while defective teeth took second place. Really, however, defective teeth are far more common. This classification should probably studied, modified and made a working standard a representative committee the National Education Association or National School Hygiene Association, in order promote efftciericy and inter-city comparison results. At present are practically without standards in this whole field. Tentative Standard Classification and Terminology School Ailments for School Records and Reports.