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Examination for the detection non-contagious physical defects.

Follow-up visits homes insure treatment physical defects.

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Clinics for the treatment eye, nose academic writers online review and throat and dental SCHOOL MEDICAL INSPECTION IN NEW YORK CITY I. The Early Detection and Exclusion From School Cases Contagions Disease.

english paper help With the exception small schools in the outlying districts the city, which are visited two or three times each week, each school in the city visited each morning an inspector or nurse and all children who have been found ailing in any way are referred the teachers for examination. Indicated cases are excluded and reported the central office a diagnostician sent confirm the diagnosis, and either readmit the child school or keep under observation until the termination the illness.

In the school a tentative diagnosis usually made, as experience has shown far safer exclude a few children unnecessarily than allow any ill child remain in school.

Every case sore throat excluded and a culture taken in each case. In order doubly guard the opportunity for any spread infection, the supervising inspectors receive each day a card giving the name, address, school, date onset illness and date last attendance at school every writing dissertation service school child in his particular district, who has been reported during the previous hours any physician as being ill with a contagious disease.

The supervising inspectors keep these cards filed schools and classes. If two or more cases contagious disease occur in the children in any one classroom, whether or not these children have attended school during the period incubation, the supervisor visits the classroom, instructs the teacher in regard the need precautions and keeps the children under observation until the period covering the time incubation has passed.

If two or more cases diphtheria occur in one class, a trial culture taken from the throat each child and if diphtheria bacilli are found, the affected children are excluded.

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The results this preventive work have been excellent. During was necessary exclude only, children from school attendance and in no instance did an epidemic develop.

During the four years since the organization the Division Child Hygiene, has not been necessary close any public school in the city account the presence contagious diseases and in only a few instances have single rooms been closed for a period a few days for a. The Detection and Treatment Cases Contagious Eye and Skin Diseases. In addition the cases found at the daily morning inspection, the inspector, at the beginning each term, goes through each class room, inspects each child and refers for subsequent examination every case contagious eye or skin disease and every child showing evidence some physical defect each case indexed a class index card with provision for notes further care and treatment. Once each month the nurse makes a similar classroom inspection all children are referred their physician or a dispensary for treatment. top writing services If the latter has not been obtained at the end twenty-four hours the nurse treats the child in the school except where the disease present in an extensive or acute form when the child excluded. Trachoma not treated the nurse but neglected cases are cared for at the school clinics and allowed attend school under the supervision the nurse, The need care these neglected cases who formerly were all excluded from school responsible cheap custom essay writing services for the first employment the school nurse in this country. The first school nurse was appointed in New York City. Her value in school treatment these children with the consequent lessening the number exclusions, and decrease in loss school time was demonstrated at once. Since then the field the school nurse has broadened immensely but her usefulness in this branch the work as great as ever. when there were only nurses employed, children were excluded from school for contagious eye and skin diseases only, children were excluded for this cause. Not only have the exclusions decreased but with the exception pediculosis, every type these diseases shows a marked reduction in the cases occurring.