Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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The defects will checked off code number, the key which printed the back card. This card index system will carried out throughout phd no thesis the entire department, and will, I hope, very materially add the accuracy and simplifying reports for statistical purposes. Standardization this work in all its departments what are There also a very marked decrease in the contagious skin diseases.

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Teachers are showing more interest than ever before in the general physical condition the children under their charge. Many more cases anaemia and malnutrition have received attention.

My practice in these cases has been talk these children individually, especially regarding mouth hygiene, proper food, fresh air and baths, and in many cases have written personal help for english essays letters suggestion parents. More attention being paid ventilation class-rooms.

In addition the installed ventilating system the majority hich I believe most inadequate, have had window boards put into many schools. In judgment there nothing better than this old-time method with interval air flushings class-rooms. This latter no means generally practiced. One the most difficult things meet in the work bringing about proper temperature best writing service reviews and ventilation.

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More attention being given the cleaning and ventilation toilets.

We have yet devise some better method cleaning school buildings. I understand the prospects for this coming year are good. Since medical inspection was started sanitary drinking fountains have been installed in the schools, toilet paper and sanitary towels and soap have been produced and emergency boxes have been placed in the principal's office in every school. Among the encouraging things the coming year the prospect two additional school nurses and the establishment a dental This dissertation topic past year the Board Education was granted, for the establishment a prophylactic dental clinic.

If this carried out I understand will the first dental clinic in this country its kind. I believe that in this way help with writing a speech only possible Conclusions Drawn. I believe the future medical inspector must At the close three years work I more and more impressed with the tremendous scope this need to write an essay in one day work. I feel have not gotten the results in Bridgeport that should. The question as stands to-day fundamentally an educational one, and are facing a problem which every city its uk dissertation help character facing, that what can educate the masses and make our work better known and its true value felt? st, I believe need help college essay must have the support adequate school legislation. I believe must have help writing dissertation closer cooperation between the departments interested in these subjects. having the individual interest embers the department under which are working, and most important, increasing our force nurses in order make possible more thorough follow-up work in the home. The educa MEDICAL INSPECTION IN BRIDGEPORT us essay writing services PUBLIC SCHOOLS tional value this far-reaching. A nurse has an opportunity not only explain the nature and importance correcting physical defects found, but teach personal hygiene, sanitation, proper foods and their preparation, the subjects which most these people know nothing.