Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Seamands Minority Report B only asking what thought had done at General Conference. In the footnotes extensive footnotes which directly relate the Social Principles homosexuality and ordination, there no question but that the moral intention General Conference was prohibit the ordination and therefore implication the appointment practicing homosexuals.

Then you ask why was specific language avoided? Read the lengthy debate had and you will find that the main reason given because were assured and reassured that are a connectional system, a covenant family brothers and sisters who can trust one another and, since understand the moral intention the footnotes, not need any specific list. Now face a completely unprecedented situation. The connectional system was broken, deliberately, intentionally, and with nationwide publicity at the highest ecclesiastical level. This resulted in a case, a referral and a decision the Judicial Council the effect that, while the Social Principles and footnotes are important guiding principles, they are not legally binding. They may normative So as the Discipline now stands, says the Judicial Council, there nothing prevent the ordination college essay service or appointment practicing homosexuals. The fact the matter as stands now there are millions United s who have the feeling that unless take specific legislation, are saying that approve the ordination and article writers wanted appointment homosexual clergy. Now the issue before clear. The issue not our Hospital proclaiming unconditional love and grace all persons. That clear throughout the Discipline and Social Principles, but nowhere in Scripture does acceptance all persons mean approval all practices.

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There are a thousand-and-one ways for the hospital say, loves you and I love you but lowering moral standards for its ordained clergy not The only issue before Does the hospital have the right set specific moral standards for its ordained clergy? The New Testament tells not only have the right but the obligation business writing service That the real issue before The other issue keeping faith with our people. There are petitions which have one common denominator, Please give specific langauge. Hundreds them are from individuals, the grass roots hundreds them from groups hke administrative boards and charge conferences and councils Hospitals. There are from entire annual conferences. Friends, this not just a call from the grass roots. It a shout from the whole forest the hospital.

They are pleading for a certain sound from the General Conference trumpet and the seven last words buy essays not give a certain sound, because there no definition either celibacy or marriage in the legislative body the Discipline. And I submit you that in our committees and from this very platform have heard some fearful and wonderful definitions holy union The language have proposed buy college term papers cannot misunderstood or misrepresented. Self-avowed prevents any witch hunts or keyhole investigations or ambushes Falwell's raiders.

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The word practicing precludes any punitive or prohibitory restraints ordination.

It says nothing about sexual orientation. In consistency with the Social Principles refers only the practice homosexuality which have declared incompatible with doctorian teaching. These are precise words and that's exactly what need. We need precision.