Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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These attitudes should kept in mind and used develop positive contexts for articles, stories and essay writing services online other forms production.

They can help avoid the use unhelpful.

Positive attitudes will help in writing an essay thesis paper help not thrive when the predominant focus the disabling or negative aspects website content writing services disability.

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Positive actions the person involved and society will help build positive attitudes and affirm the rights access and opportunity professional essay writers People with disabilities are not passive. They and must actively take charge their lives.

The severity a disability as much a function societal reaction handicap as personal impairment. The removal attitudinal and architectural barriers widens opportunities for all persons and provides a strong case against exclusion, discrimination or prejudice for any reason. Competitive situations are not helpful in improving attitudes toward those persons who must lose in the comparison.

What needed a climate that values the intrinsic worth each. Persons with handicapping conditions are highly diverse factors race and ethnic background, sex, cultural patterns, age and all the sociological factors that are indicators in all our lives. Particularly harmful the use young children with disabilities as representative a group persons with disabilities Tiny Tim syndrome.

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This technique, used widely in fundraising, plays sympathetic response and creates a child-like image persons with disabilities as well as foiTning a parental response the part society toward persons with disabilities. This view ignores the diverse strengths and.

Persons with handicapping conditions are not one dimensional nor their impairments force them into a single personality mold. Not all persons who have buy custom papers online had polio play the violin like Itzhak Perlman.

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Not all persons who are blind custom essay writing services play the help with essays assignments piano like Ray Charles or personal statement writing services uk Steve Wonder or George custom writing services uk Shearing. Neither all persons who are deaf read lips or star in broadway plays. Not all persons who are mentally retarded love hugged or desire compete in the Special Olympics. The individuality persons with handicapping conditions parallels the individuahty all society. We need shown the great diversity all people, as well as superachievers. Persons with handicapping conditions need shown helpers as well as the helped. We need portray persons with handicapping conditions working as care providers. Use examples from beyond the performing arts and include teaching, business, medicine, law, skilled trades. Include persons with handicapping conditions as parents and community leaders. This practice particularly important in the hospital. 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