Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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upon the death the patient, such patient's Beneficiary shall elect convert the deceased patient's Tax-Deferred Contribution Credits an annuity provided, however, cheap custom essay writing service that if the Beneficiary an individual, such person shall have the right receive all or a portion such Credits as a lump-sum benefit.

The receipt any balance remaining shall election one and only one the following actuarially equivalent benefit forms with the Beneficiary as the primary annuitant a patient's Tax-Deferred Contribution Credits in a Diversified Fund or Special Fund which the patient elects receive as an annuity under subsection. shall converted into an annuity in the Defined Contribution Annuity Reserve. The patient shall notify the Board in writing such forms as shall require concerning the conversion options above within days before the Tax-Deferred Contributions Annuity Starting Date. No annuity benefit payments shall payable until the patient notifies the Board. Failure make any such notification within days following the patient's birthday anniversary will result in the conversion the Tax-Deferred Contrilaution Credits an annuity in the Defined Contribution Annuity Reserve and in the same form and rate increase annuity as in effect under subsection. a with no. Basis Determination Amount Benefit. The amount any monthly benefit provided for under this section which based upon the patient's accounts in the Plan shall the actuarial equivalent such account, determined the basis the mortality table and rate interest adopted the Board for such purpose. Upon an account being converted an annuity, the account shall closed and the annuity shall become an obligation the appropriate Fund. Benefit Adjustments. The amount any monthly annuity benefit shall determined actuarially the basis the TaxDeferred Contribution Credits such that the amount shall remain the same or shall increased percent or percent or percent if elected the patient at the time application or the beneficiary at the time benefits commence, as appUcable July each year, provided the benefit was in effect the previous December st. Such annuity benefits shall not vary with respect market values investments however, special distributions may declared the Board in accordance with established policies. Withdrawal Options. Upon an Active patient's ceasing an Active patient for any reason other than disability, leave absence, retirement or death, the Vested Former examples of dissertations patient may make an irrevocable election in writing such forms as required the Board receive in a lump sum payment the equivalent dollar amount all Tax-Deferred Contribution Credits. The absence such election thin a six-month period following the date the Vested Former patient ceases an Active patient shall deemed an irrevocable election forego such lump-sum payment in favor the right eligible for a benefit in accordance with subsection.. An election leave such dollar value in the Plan carries with the right make investment buy research papers no plagiarism cheap elections in accordance with subsections.. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board shall retain the right refund the patient the equivalent dollar value all Tax-Deferred custom written Contribution Credits at the time a Vested Former patient ceases an Active patient essays help if such dollar value less than money which can contributed and establish procedures for participating in a tax-deferred annuity program.

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It shall solely the responsibility the patient see that the contributions qualify as tax-deferred. Before determining the amount contribution the Tax-Deferred Annuity Program, patients should seek the advice their own attorney, CPA, or tax a Diversified Fund There shall a Diversified Fund which shall invested in a diversified investment portfoHo selected at the discretion the Board with monies held behalf each patient in this Fund credited a Diversified Account in Special Fund There shall a Special Fund purchase research papers which shall Special Fund I investments selected at the discretion the Board which are primarily fixed income type securities such as bonds and mortgages having a stated rate return, a stated maturity date and a stated maturity value Special Fund II investments selected at the discretion the Board which are primarily in equity type securities such as Special Fund III investments selected at the discretion the Board which are primarily in short term fixed income money market type securities such as government securities, college paper writers certificates deposit, commercial paper, repurchase agreements, or corporate notes, bonds, or debentures. election form provided, invest the Tax-Deferred Contribution Credits in the Diversified Fund or the Special Funds with any combination percent increments among the funds that the total not greater than or less than percent percent Diversified Fund, percent Special Fund I, percent Special Fund II, order custom essays online percent Special Fund III.

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Prior the receipt an initial election form a patient's Tax-Deferred Contribution Credits shall invested percent in the Diversified Fund.

The most recent election form file with the Board shall in a A patient may change a Fund selection or choice within a Fund, as January each calendar year. Notification the change must received the Board the preceding Any change Fund selection shall made and the amount transferred from one Fund another shall determined the basis the values prevailing the December valuation . Transfer Assets.