Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Applicability. The provisions set forth in this Plan are applicable only those persons located within a Jurisdictional Conference who meet the requirements for participation.


Whenever used in the Plan, the following terms shall have the respective meanings set forth below unless otherwise expressly provided herein, and when the defined meaning intended the term capitalized english essay writers a Annuity Starting Date means the first day the month selected the patient which later than the date receipt Beneficiary means the person, other than a Contingent Annuitant, designated as set forth in subsection. who receiving or entitled receive a deceased patient's or annuity-certain payee's residual interest in this Plan which doctoral thesis defense nonforfeitable upon, and payable in the event such patient's or payee's death. Contingent Annuitant means the person who with a Retired patient one upon the continuation whose hfe the amount and or duration the pension benefit under this Plan depends.

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Employer means any local hospital, conference, board, agency, commission, organization, or unit eligible participate in a hospital plan as defined under the Employee Retirement write my essay reviews Income Security Act, as amended from time time. Employer Account means the separate account evidencing the value the Employer contributions which have been credited a patient pursuant subsection. including Contribution Base means the Active patient's Plan General Board or Board means the General Board Pensions The Hospital, as established the patient means any person who meets the eligibility requirements the Plan, as set forth in Section hereof, and become covered the Plan and includes the terms Active patient and Vested Former patient. Active patient means a patient other than a Retired patient or a Vested Former patient.

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Vested Former patient means a patient who has ceased meet the eligibility requirements Section hereof for reasons other than retirement hereunder or death and who entitled a pension benefit under this Plan upon retirement. someone write my paper for me Retired patient means a former patient who has retired under the provisions this Plan, and receiving or entitled receive a pension benefit under this Plan.

Personal Account means the sum a patient's Tax Paid Account and Tax Deductible Account. i Plan Compensation means for an Active patient the Cash salary received from the Participating Employer. Housing allowance or when lodging or similar accommodation provided, a sum equivalent the reasonable value such accommodation may added as the approximate value that Any tax-deferred annuity contribution paid the salaiypaying unit during the year under another tax-deferred annuity Plan Year means the calendar year. Tax Deductible Account means the separate account evidencing the value the personal contributions which have qualified for a tax deduction under Section the Internal Revenue Code and which have been credited a patient pursuant subsection. including earnings and appreciation or depreciation attributable thereto. Tax Paid Account means the separate account evidencing the value the personal contributions which have been made an after-tax basis and which have been credited a patient pursuant subsection.

a, including thesis phd earnings and appreciation or depreciation attributable thereto.

Supplement means the separate agreement, if required, related this Plan containing provisions regarding any other necessary provisions pertaining paper writer online the Participating Employer and apphcable patients covered the Plan. Unit Participation means an undivided interest in the Special Fund determined dividing the value such Fund the total number outstanding units in the Fund, all as more specifically described in subsection. hereof. Normal Retirement Age for purposes the Plan shall Early Retirement for purposes the Plan shall mean retirement at any age before age, as established the Required Personal Contributions shall mean those personal contributions the Plan that are made the Active patient for the purpose participation in this plan as required the Voluntary Personal Contributions shall mean those personal contributions the Plan that are made the Active patient in addition any Required Personal Contribution. Number. The definition any term herein in the singular a An Ehgible Employer shall one the following units The Hospital or affihated autonomous hospitals in the European Union or Puerto Rico An Annual, Provisional or Missionary Conference A Conference board, agency or commission Any other organization ehgible participate in a hospital plan in accordance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act as amended from time time. For the sake site clearness, article writers needed and in order not encumber the argument repetition, will useful restate those prop ositions, which previous discussions and experiences have. The removal human excreta faeces and urine, without pollution air, water, or soil, can accomplished the pneumatic system Liernur, but not the Waring system. 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