Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Prescribe such forms and records as are needed for the.

Non-Alienation Benefits. No benefits payable at any time under the Plan shall subject in any manner alienation, sale, transfer, pledge, attachment, garnishment, or encumbrance any kind.

Any attempt alienate, sell, transfer, assign, pledge, or othen ise encumber such benefit whether presently or thereafter payable, shall void. Except as provided in subsection. hereof, no benefit nor any Fund under the Plan shall in any manner liable for or subject the debts or liabilities any patient or other person entitled any. Non-Reversion. The hospital shall have no right, title or interest in the contributions made the Funds under the Plan and no part the Funds shall revert the hospital, except that a Upon termination the Plan and the allocation and distribution the Funds as provided in subsection. hereof, any monies remaining in the Funds because an erroneous actuarial computation after the satisfaction all fixed and contingent how to edit essays liabilities under the Plan may revert the applicable If a contribution made the Plan the Participating Employer a mistake fact, then such contribution shall returned the Participating Employer within one year after the. Unclaimed Benefits.

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If a patient or Retired patient fails claim a benefit which the patient or Retired patient entitled for a period five years following the patient's i don't want to write my paper or Retired patient's attainment age years, and if the patient's or Retired patient's whereabouts unknown the General Board after such Board has sent a registered letter the last known address custom writings review and has made inquiry the last known applicable unit the hospital, the General Board may dispose or use the benefit in such way as the Board deems appropriate, fully discharging the Plan and the Board all.

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Reemployment. In the event a Retired patient employed a Participating Employer prior attaining age and at the patient's request, the payment pension benefits then being paid hereunder shall suspended, the annuity or annuities reconverted account balances an actuarially equivalent basis, and the Retired patient reinstated as an. Marital Litigation. In the event a patient or Retired patient a party marital litigation, the Board shall make payments from the patient's or Retired patient's Plan accounts as directed the court hearing such litigation.

Where appropriate, coursework on a resume the Board shall provide the parties involved in such litigation data related such accounts and assist them or the court in interpreting this data.

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Any expense incurred the Board related this procedure shall, the extent permitted law, deducted from the Plan accounts the patient or Retired patient. The amounts directed admission essay editing services or assigned the patient or Retired patient and the patient's or Retired patient's spouse or former spouse shall not exceed the value the patient's or Retired patient's Plan accounts as the date the court order.

a A patient shall have a vested right the benefit from the accrued accumulations in the Employer account maintained the patient's behalf under this Plan. A Participating Employer may request, subject the approval the Board, provisions for benefits which are in addition those stated in paragraph a this subsection. Adopted action Legislative Committee Financial. The Plan. The General Board Pensions hereinafter referred as the Board authorized and empowered the General Conference The Hospital operate, manage and administer the Tax Deferred Annuity Contributions Program hereinafter referred as the Plan. The Plan designed provide additional benefits ministers, local pastors and hospital-employed laypersons who are active patients in a pension plan administered the Board. Applicability. These. 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