Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Four centers have initiated a program bring together as Partners in Mission the hospital and community agency sensitize and train local hospital and agency board members regarding border concerns, organize and empower the Hispanic poor, and advocate for human legal rights undocumented persons.

Seven community centers have been developing academic writing services jobs programs for women's self-help identify uninvolved Hispanic women, raise the women's consciousness about issues affecting their lives, and organize self-help groups for mutual problem solving and networking.

Two community mba assignment writing services centers are participating in the Pacific and Southwest Conference border Hospital project offering immigration counseling, advocacy, legal assistance, crisis intervention and social services for Mexican europeans and for economic and political refugees from Central America. Several other community centers also are serving as immigration rights ser ice centers and others are developing community economic development programs deal with the root causes hunger and unemployment.

Conversations have been initiated that will provide an exchange persons from the hospital Mexico and the Rio Grande Conference minister persons who migrate both from Mexico the European Union and from the United The work the Continuing Committee not finished. The issues the border region must continue addressed local hospitals, agencies, annual conferences and general essay writing on customer service agencies.

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The Hospital has begun a serious and sustained effort address the border agenda. It has created the Southwest Border Consultation Continuing Committee. With persons from all annual conferences the border, representatives the Mexican hospital, and national agency personnel, this group the kind body that can enable a more adequate poHcy and program development with respect border issues. We affirm the continuation the Southwest strategy into the next quadrennium. The Hospital must continue its support and i need help in writing an essay commitment Southwest strategy. We must present in action and always prepared witness the gospel love and The National Division therefore, committed maintaining the Southwest Border Consultation Continuing Committee and affirms the importance the Interagency Coordinating Committee in bringing the insights, energies and resources the We recommend that the reaffirm the continuation the coordination ministrj along the Southwest border region, that annual conferences along this region and general boards and agencies continue their involvement in the response this important Hospital and that this function continue assigned the National Division the General Board Global Hospitals for implementation.

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Adopted action Committee Council Hospitals An effective approach and an adequate understanding stewardship have been a concern many persons in The United hospital for some time.

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In May, the Executive Committee the General Council Hospitals, acting behalf concerns coursework research voiced officers the General Council Hospitals, the General Council Finance and Administration, and the Council doctor, resolved that the Unit Evaluation and Coordination take the necessary initiative coordinate a strong and unified essay on social service stewardship emphasis within The United The unit, through the cooperation the general secretaries the general agencies, brought together staff whose concerns were in the program area stewardship including promotion, interpretation, education and fund raising seek their guidance in the development a unified emphasis for The United hospital.

This committee medical thesis writing service met three occasions discuss the basis and objectives for such an emphasis.

A final meeting this committee, augmented with members from the unit, developed the following design and report the General This report outlines an approach and a process, and provides a basis custom research paper writing services as well, for a strong and unified stewardship emphasis within The Hospital.

The report acknowledges and applauds the work individuals, conferences and general agencies in developing programs and practicing the principles stewardship. The report seeks, however, unify these programs and practices into a strong emphasis which can challenge leaders and members The Hospital become more The report a call action based a sound theology and goals which challenge individuals, congregations, annual conferences and general agencies the hospital. It identifies activities which are needed accomplish the goals, raises issues which must continually addressed, and concludes with specific recommendations. Its intent stimulate and provide a framework for growth and understanding as The United hospital disciplines itself a corporate life based The theological basis for stewardship begins with Genesis and continues throughout the Bible. The creation story a testimony care for the earth and the act giving that earth and all that's in humankind. Micah, as recorded in chapter his prophecy, says that people, in order in the presence God, are required justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. They are stewards as they practice the presence God. doctor, in Matthew, said that the two great commandments are love above all else and love others as you love yourself. I Corinthians calls servants doctor and stewards the mysteries God.