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The firist these was that the curative substance probably a P nidine derivative, since the curative fraction rice polishings professional ghostwriting services contains nicotinic acid, and has been found develop a pyridine-like odor. The benzene or six-carbon atom ring found in many tissues all forms plant and animal It constitutes an integral part most proteins, and in plants occurs widely in the form tannins, or the extractives which give distinctive colors, odors, and flavors. Het cylic nuclei containing nitrogen, notably pyrrol, indol, purine, and pyrimidine, are encountered very generally in animal tissue. On the other band the pyridine ring, consisting one nitrogen and five carbon atoms, has a very Many natural vegetable bases are pyridine derivatives, including most the powerinl alkaloids, such as nicotine, strychnine, personal statement writing company and atropine.

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However, such substances are a strictly limited occurrence, and no one, far as I aware, has suggested that any pyridine derivative may have any general importance in normal A second hint was foond in the fact that the blue color reaction given antineuritic foodstuffs when treated with phosphotungstic add and alkali seems rather closely associated with the potent constituents.

Since this reaction and the similar reaction with phosphomolybdic add are known produced substances containing hydroxyl groups in the benzene ring, was not surprising find that hydroxyl derivatives pyridine also give one or both reactions according the number and position the substituted hydroxyl groups.

Accordingly a series pyridine derivatives was prepared and the therapeutic action each individual roughly tested polyneuritic pigeons the administration doses milligrams intramuscular injection. In some cases doses milligrams were administered mouth as a supplementary test.

The series included nicotinic, cinchomeric, quinolinic, hydroxy nicotinic and dtrazinic adds, a hydroxy pyridine, glutazine, trihydroxy pyridine and its anhydride and finally, trihydroxy nidine and the so-called tetrahydroxy Nicotinic, dnchomeric, and quinolinic acids were prepared the oxidation nicotine, quinine, and qiiinoline, respectively, and citrazinic acid from citric add. The methods Pechmann and Stokes were followed for the preparation ethyl amino hydroxy glutamate, glutasdne, trihydroxypyridine and is there a website that writes essays for you its anhydride. Tetrahydroxy-pjrridine and, trihydroxy pyridine were produced the method Ost from the nitroso derivative.

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In the distillation meconic add for this purpose the modification Peratoner and Leone was used. Better doctoral dissertations methods than those Ost are offered Peratoner and Castellana for the production hydroxycomenic add, from which suitable modification Ost second method fair yields, trihydroxypyridine may obtained. These methods are bdng studied, as are those Collie, Tickle and Collie, Lapworth and Collie, and Baron, Remfry, and Tborpe. Coumalic add was used for making hydroxynicotinic add, the distillation which a hydroxy pyridine readily obtained.

The test animals used were pigeons in which polyneuritis was developed feeding libitum white rice. Tn all cases the disease was allowed run its course till the animals were unable stand or make controlled movement the legs or wings. In such cases death usually follows within hours and may occur at any moment. A number times birds died in the experimenter's hands before treatment could administered.

During and after treatment the birds were continued a diet white rice, and under such conditions a redevelopment the symptoms, can only a matter a few days. Since forced feeding was not resorted account the time necessary care for a lai number birds in this way, uk dissertation writing services was occasionally the case that the pigeons became very weak and emaciated before the symptoms developed the deoLred point. Such cases are not course strictly comparable with those sudden development in which the animals retain a great deal their original strength and vigor, though losing muscular control, and a measure uncertainty thereby introduced in occasional cases. On treating polyneuritic pigeons with the substances above mentioned definite evidence curative power was noted in the case a hydroxy, trihydroxy. and, trihydroxy P rridine. The remainder the series showed no effect.