Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Experiments in school clinics are now taking place, the results which are awaited with great interest, custom speech writing services but far no principle has i need help with a paper been widely agreed no standard insisted upon, no definite connection with the school life has been made a necessary part this important feature medical inspection. We are waiting for the subject developed, that may told what may best work for. Per THE RELATION OF MEDICAL INSPECTION TO EDUCATION haps from this Congress may come the special advice which laymen need. Other Connections.

Other important connections made between medical inspection and school life are those dealing with the teaching hygiene the school children and with the hygienic properties school buildings.

In most places, there no connection whatever between these matters and medical inspection. In a recent plan for teaching hygiene in the City New York, importance placed what called the routine and the children in different ways are taught through with this necessary drill in personal hygiene. A roomful little girls presenting dramatically the program rising from their beds, taking deep breaths, brushing the teeth, putting help i need a research paper clean or well-aired clothes and the like a stimulating sight. But how many mothers have been told that this routine must carried out? Unless there follow-up work which could readily performed the nurse in her visits, the effect very much that the research paper help sites small boy who was unable learn say I have gone but always persisted in saying I have went. The teacher finally in despair kept him after school and told him write I have gone twenty times. When had finished she was not in the room and left the paper the desk and added, Teacher, I wrote I have gone times and now I A valuable part this routine the suggesting simple and nutritious diet. Nevertheless, in a smaller room, filled with little boys instead little girls, the question was asked, How many custom coursework writing you boys had coffee for breakfast? About three-quarters custom essay online the boys raised their hands. Then they were asked how many their parents allowed them drink either wine or beer at luncheon or breakfast and fully onehalf raised their hands. This course was in a foreign quarter the city and the latter condition was largely due national custom, but the fact remains that wine drinking in Italy for the small boy rather a different matter from wine drinking best essay writing service online the East Side New York. The school doctor who deals with anaemia and malnutrition in one part the school building at stated times and the teacher who deals with proper diets in another part the building should in some way connected. The same thought has occurred some with regard the open air classes.

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Children who are suffering from malnutrition, anaemia or incipient tuberculosis are taken from the regular schoolrooms and entered in open air classrooms.

Their gain immediate and steady, but far as I know, has never been learned how many them sleep in hermetically sealed rooms at home.

The hygiene school buildings follows logically enough. Why waste time treating a little girl for anaemia when through her school life she cpnstantly Relation School Instruction. At last, then, I come the subject this paper, namely, the relation medical inspection education. Try as will, cannot progress much further than the ideal the classic writer, A sound mind in a sound body, and the interdependence these help me write a thesis statement two divisions our nature more and more recognized. Indeed might include a third and say that as the mind depends upon the body influenced the spirit and that some day the mental and physical examination cheap assignment writing service in our schools will connected with an ethical and moral training which as truly hygienic as either the others. A child more than a human being with eyes or teeth or tonsils. In the same analysis more than a human being whom geography and arithmetic may taught.