Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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It may also used as a control test. If the child does not know figures or letters use the chart inverted E's, asking the child tell a movement the hand the side which there an opening in the E's in the different lines, down, the right or the left. Memorizing.

If suspected that the answers are being made from memory a hole about one and one-half inches square may cut in a narrow strip cardboard as allow only one or two letters show online assignment writing help through the hole, and skipping around rapidly easy break the memorizing the letters.

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A sample card inclosed.

EXAMINATION OF VISION, HEARING need to write an essay by tomorrow AND NASAL RESPIRATION. Recording Distant help on essay Vision. The lines large charts are numbered.

These indicate the number feet the respective letters and figures should read the normal eye. The record made a fraction which the numerator represents the number feet the chart from the child, and the denominator the number over the lowest line can correctly read.

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Thus if at feet reads the lowest line the vision or normal.

If only reads the line above, the The child should not nearer the chart than feet what to write my research paper on unless fails read the largest letter at the top.

If fails read the top letter should foot foot until can. The number feet from the chart when can read the largest letter will then the numerator and the denominator.

Thus, if can not tell best custom essay writing services the letter until feet from the chart his vision will.

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etc. should used record the distant vision, that the vision measured with the large charts. Remember that the numerator the number feet the child from the chart and the denominator the lowest line letters can correctly read. If the child reads letters in the lowest line his vision should recorded as. Testing Near Vision or Focusing Power. The eyes should also tested for near vision or focusing power with the small chart. The scholar should seated with his back toward the light and with the chart well lighted. Cover the left eye with a card as in the test for distant vision. Hold the chart at a measured distance inches from the face and steadily bring nearer and nearer while the child continues read aloud. When can read further note the number inches from his face the chart.