Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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She may not able discover obscure eye defects, but she can tell when there are large glands in the neck and any fool can tell anemia, pediculosis, and deafness. Finding, then, that rural sections may not have expert medical attention in the schools, let not paraphrasing powerpoint put obstructions in the way such splendid aid as the nurse may give.

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Let put our feet at least the lower rungs the ladder lest never reach EXAMINATION OF SCHOOL CHILDREN FOR LABOR CERTIFICATES There at the present time among all civilized nations throughout the world, a wide-spread movement for the betterment conditions, which are now well recognized as vital importance the health and physical welfare school children and child-workers.

In our country, this science writers movement has been steadily gaining in force and strength and pushing its way ahead, until has finally taken a place in the forefront national thought and discussion. Progressive and intelligent people, everywhere, are giving this subject much serious reflection. The public generally, through many active agencies and well-informed sources, fast being educated and enlightened the vast importance this work. Indeed, one wonders, now that are in the midst rapid a development this great educational movement, that has long remained Our national health physically our greatest asset. As the foundations our national health are laid during the school years, and the conservation men and women must begin with the conservation the child, evident that what would have appear in the life our people, must put into the schools. Eugenists say that every child has the inalienable right welt born. It undeniable that every child has at least the right full opportunity for its mental and physical development. The science eugenics, if may properly called a science, has been web content writing services defined as the study agencies under social control that may improve or impair the racial qualities future generations, cither mentally physically. Where, may ask, can found a greater field opportunity for the improvement future generations, than among the school children and child-workers the present generation? the European Union Commissioner Education in a bulletin recently issued, relating the Medical Inspection Children in Schools says No educational movement, custom essays online in modern times has had more vital relations the children the homes they represent and the nation, than medical supervision school children, and the general hygienic movement typifies. Within recent years, many our States have enacted laws for the protection and regulation child labor.

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Two years ago a commission was appointed the legislature our State for the purpose investi gating the physical and hygienic conditions affecting industrial workers, especially those relating child labor. This commission after a most thorough and painstaking investigation presented an exhaustive report which showed that deplorable conditions existed in many our industries in which children are custom essay services employed conditions which called for prompt and efficient correction. As a result the recommendations this commission many important enactments for the greater protection child-workers were added our laws, and may said that no more beneficent legislation has ever been given the people our State than that designed protect the lives and health those employed in our various industries.

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Among the many wise enactments now under regular and systematic A minimum age limit for working children, which now placed at Limitation the hours labor for children and minors. Prohibition night work for children under sixteen years. The exclusion children from dangerous and prohibited employments. The inspection the sanitary, ventilating and lighting arrangements in factories and mercantile establishments. The raising compulsory school attendance fourteen years, beginning at the age seven years.

The prohibition child labor in mines and quarries. The establishment an eight-hour day for children employed in factories, and a nine-hour day for those in mercantile establishments. The limitation hours work in factories for girls over sixteen and boys sixteen eighteen, nine hours daily fifty-four hours weekly. Proper and adequate protection against dangers from fire.