Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Then cover the right eye with the card and hold the chart at inches from his face as before and begin the test.

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Record the nearest point at which reads as with the right eye. If thild has difficulty in reading the chart can spell four or five different words, and the test will determined the farthest and nearest points names the letters correctly.

If the child cannot begin reafd the chart at inches bring slowly nearer until can begin and then record that distance as his far point or the numerator in the frac tion recording focusing power.

Unless the child a very rapid reader the first paragraph or less correctly read while you are moving the chart inches toward his face, the test for the right eye.

Use the second paragraph or the second or third. Recording Near Vision or Focusing Power.

The near vision or focusing power recorded a fraction whose numerator the greatest distance from the child's pay to write my paper face at which reads the small chart or pronounces the letters in four or five different words, and the help with thesis statements denominator the point nearest his face at which the child need help writing papers can read or spell correctly these help writing a paper letters. For example. etc. means that the child can read the chart at, inches from his face and as near as, inches. Children between years should have a focusing power as far as inches and less than inches from the face. It should recorded as normal if the farthest point at least inches and the nearest point from their faces.

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Abnormal Conditions.

Ascertain observation whether the child habitually suffers from inflamed help with a thesis lids or eye or after study has weariness or pain in eyes or head or suffering from squint eyes crossed wall-eyed. Do not depend upon the child for this information.

Find out lookmg at the child's eyes, and observing custom written essays his condition essays writers in school.

I. Exceptions. Note. All school children should have their hearing and the condition their mouth and nose examined, even those younger than years. Directions. Children should examined singly and privately, that each child should taken into a room separately or examined alone behind a screen. Testing Hearing. Seat the child with the right ear toward you near one end a quiet room with the windows closed, and begin the test the hearing at a measured distance feet.