Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Fresh air free and plentiful that its value not realized, and safe say that the majority all inhabitants, intelligent or otherwise, sleep in stuffy bedrooms and live in ill-ventilated rooms, thereby inviting catarrhal troubles and various other ailments.

Adenoid growths and hypertrophied tonsils are alarmingly common in our rural districts. schools are full them, what a sanitary inspector told the other day. She brought one them for operation, and said that there were three law dissertation more in the same family that ought operated but the parents would consent bringing only the one that getting deaf. They thought the others would outgrow What folly, because the damage done long before the growths atrophy. How arouse the apathy the public a good-health crusade one the difficulties the day. It never will done until the state makes compulsory, as vaccination, school attendance, etc. Says Dr. Wm. Allen, Secretary the Bureau Municipal Research, The obligation between the State and the child a reciprocal one, and when the State for its own protection compels a child to school, pledges itself not injure itself injuring the child.

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Again, quote from the British Board Education Medical inspection founded the close connection which exists between the physical and mental conditions the children, and the whole education.

It seeks secure ultimately, for every child, normal or defective, conditions life compatible with that full and effective development its organic functions, its special senses and its mental powers, which constitute a true education.

That this medical inspection our schools has come stay conclusively shown the statements below.

Twelve states have taken legislative action, either compulsory or permissive.

Of these the best progress has been made in the North Atlantic and Western division States, where, the cities have taken The poorest showing made in the Southern States, where only about per cent, the cities have medical inspection their schools.

per cent, the cities the work prosecuted under the Board Education. Of cities tabulated, have systems medical inspection. have inspection for the detection contagious diseases.

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cities have physical examination school pay someone to do my paper children, most them not only when they enter, but at stated periods. cities vision and hearing tests are conducted the doctor. cities vision and hearing tests are conducted teachers. There are, school physicians employed as permanent members educational forces. nurses buy cheap thesis write my essay south park are employed cities. cities have school dentists. Abput best essay for you cities are supporting open air schools, and according Dr.