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The cause which leads localized proliferation in new tissues following eruptiontiame inoculations appears purely physical in character.

The new proliferation results from a specific nophyslcal irritation the endothelial cells in the capillaries the new tissues the proliferation substance introduced, and not due any new activity a living organism. It toxin-indted, not virus-incited.

The original proliferation possesses a specific chemophysical reaction, inherited from the inciting toxin and transmissible within certain limits the new proliferation which induces. Such new proliferation may successively repeated in verruga, within limits, inoculation old proliferated cells into new tissues. This explains the proliferation lesions obtained Drs.

Strong successive series monkeys, which lesions they consider due a virus resident in the proliferated tissues used for inoculation.

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However, they were imable obtain the lesions injection a filtrate from these tissues, the reason being that the proliferated cells can not pass the filter they found that inoculation these tissues upon the rabbit's cornea produces no lesion, the reason being best custom essay website that the cornea possesses no vascular cells and their attempts cultivate the supposed virus resulted in failure, the reason evidently being that no living virus in the common acceptation the term exists in the proliferation tissues. They did succeed in determining the presence in the eruption tissues a hemolysin which they state active in relatively high dilutions.

This very much the point. This hemolysin quite certainly the toxic by-product help writing a thesis statement the reproductive activity Bartonella in the subcutaneous tissues the specific cause the anemia the fever stage and the agent which directly incites the proliferation the vascular cells, thus causing the eruption lesions.

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In other words, this toxin able destroy erythrocytes, irritate vascular cells sufficiently cause their proliferation, but has no effect such dense connective-tissue cells as compose the cornea. Some the sporozoites introduced the Phlebotomus within the skin must reach the lymphatic nodes, spleen, bone-marrow, and liver, as well as the capillaries research paper for sale the Bubmucous tiflBues, earned thence the lymphatic syst their failure embed in the subcutaneous tissues, these unembedded sporozoites being picked in the serous canaliculi.

If this happens extensively, internal eruption results.

This explains the infarction, necrosb, and other pathologic changes in the internal organs, as weil as the articulation and bone pains, all commonly noted in the disease, especially in the fever stage. In most cases the fever and visible eruption in verruga correspond very faithfully in intensity.

When this cinrespondence not marked practically certain that infection the internal organs has become proportionately admissions essay help greater, resulting in an increased internal eruption. In conclusion, I would say that are now, for the first time, getting some tangible evidence as the etiology verruga. Those familiar with the facts far known relating this unique disease will at once see how perfectly they all fit together, now that interpret the cell indusions the eruption tissues as a part cycle Bartonella. Incidentally, the unity verruga appears established the known stages its specific causative organism. The discussion these papers now open. There are certain points i need help with dissertation in these papers which I would like comment upon. In the first place the inclusions essay writer software which were described Gastiaburti and RebagUatri in the internal organs were described as leishmania. There was nothing in conmion between those and the inclusions which found in the endothelial cells in Oroya fever. I not see that there can any connection between these inclusions as are familiar with them.