Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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My experience has been that not only foreigners but many our own european families need enlightening along these lines.

I believe that more careful explanation as the nature the defect and its needed correction should made the doctor in the class-rooms, especially in grades where children are old enough understand this, supplementing these talks as far as possible with appropriate literature, taken into the home.

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I believe that our schools should become social centers that parents and teachers associations should exist in every school. also should provide lectures and illustrated talks defects found in school children, personal hygiene, house sanitation, foods and their proper preparation, and that urge greater cooperation teachers along these lines.

I believe that medical inspection should the means introducing into our schools more attention the study hygiene. In who will write my paper for me the State Connecticut to-day only minutes a week are required for this most important branch, and not taken until grade reached.

This I feel most lamentable.

I hoping that the Superintendent Schools will approve some ideas mine regarding the teaching hygiene which I hope this year try out in one the kindergartens. This done the use a doll.

I should treat this doll as nearly as possible as I would a child. This can used teach very young children the fundamental rules research paper writing service cheap in the form play, and that the subject bathing, dressing and undressing, proper clothing, sleep, putting bed, value fresh air, feeding, mouth-hygiene, can made most interesting children, and they english essay writing help unconsciously learning the vital principles life.

loth, I feel Domestic Science courses in the schools should have a very close relationship our work, especially have I come feel this this past year from the number cases anaemia and application essay editing service malnutrition that have come under observation.

The main solution in the treatment these cases proper feeding, fresh air, baths, sunshine, etc.

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I believe might offer some valuable suggestions in connection with these help write a thesis statement courses and that this part the school work should taught in the grades much lower than It seems that the courses given children should along the most practical lines that they should taught the value inexpensive foods, and the proper preparation them.

This a certain extent being done in our Bridgeport.schools, i ith, I a great believer in school lunches, and much interested in essay custom the work Miss Winifred Gibbs the New York Association for improving the condition the poor, who has contributed such valuable data along this line.

I also feel that should have mothers classes Domestic Science held in our schools each week. Back this comes a splendid foundation work that has been taken in New York City this past year. Talks expectant mothers pre-natal work which after all the only way get permanent results. Open air classes have been talked with and are greatly needed, but far no definite action has been taken regarding them. Baths are greatly needed in our schools in looking this matter in various cities and towns where they have been installed, reports are most enthusiastic. In one school the use the bath was made a reward merit. I also believe that the Board Health and not the Board Education should have the issuing work papers, as done in Connecticut to-day, that each child should present himself a doctor for examination when wishes leave school, and that upon the result that examination should depend the giving out work papers. I also think that all persons assigned school work should submit a physical examination before they are assigned Another important problem which are buy bachelor college essay proofreading service thesis online facing the solution which I believe should begin in this department, the subject sex hygiene. It indeed difficult know the best method procedure. It should begin in the home, but until research and writing services parents realize this and assume the schools will have I believe that ultimately will taught through the sciences, but in the meantime medical men and women who are working among school children must take the initiative. The normal time soaking in hypotonic sucrose minutes in no case longer minutes, and thus, whatever need help to write a essay variations there are in the data cannot attributed the hypotonic treatment. 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