Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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It appears that should, as a General Conference, in the light our ecumenical movement, our participation in COCU, move forward adopting the particular legislation Any concordat that was reached would still require approval a subsequent General Conference, and the specifics could acted at that time.

I would move Boh Waters Texas spoke in support the Commission's recommendation.

Vernon Bigler Western New York spoke against Kay Althouse East Germany buy research papers online supported Carroll Yingling Baltimore opposed RobeH Lundy Holston Borgen We strongly affirm our ecumenical relationships.

That not the question at stake here.

It a question how practice this.

It was the feeling the Commission Central Conference Affairs that this was not the paraphrasing activities for middle school proper wav strengthemng our relationships.

In our ecumenical relationships will find that as a denomination should have a strong identitv in order have something contribute the ecumenical fellowship, and as a deliberate body, passing gislation that has no effect whatsoever such possible members the General Conference, find that this in a sense not quite as meaningful as would like for our custom written relationships wth the other denominations and hospitals And feel that with the good leadership have in our ecumenical affairs, other and better ways could devised which would lead into closer fellowship with the other hospitals. And therefore, strongly recommend that you support our vote The Commission's nonconcurrence recommendation was approved see.

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Borgen presented the report, consisting a recommendation nonconcurrence an enabHng act for autonomous affiliated structure doctoral dissertation defense and request become an affiliated autonomous hospital. Borgen There has been passed around some information which at the best not complete and also faulty. The first namelv this are not discussing autonomy or not autonomy for the Philippines. The question whether the proper petition from the proper authorities in the Philippines has been filed with the buying papers for college General Conference.

The Philippines Conference asked for an enabling act and did not use They requested a renewed enabling act and didn't use in nothing happened at all at this General Conference.

There was no report no request for renewal the enabling act.

As today the Commission Central Conference Affairs custom writing tips and the have received no communication whatsoever from the Central Conference as such buy custom paper in the Philippines. And since thi. autonomy concerns not one annual conference within the Central Conference but concerns the whole Central Conference, that will the proper bodv submit dissertation writing advice such a request. I repeat, buy original research papers nobody in the Central Conference has submitted such Furthermore, there have been serious questions raised about the validitv the otes, and have received correspondence from persons in the Philippines who point out in detail that there has been inaccurate voting, more members voting than there were members in the conference. In one conference all deacons and deaconesses and whatever have you have voted, and as a result, this person seriously questioned the validity the ballot. Now some these were taken one more time, and as far as I have been able ascertain, these were done and But then there a problem also with that. At least one the conferences voted after the college papers for sale enabling act for the quadrennium expired, namely. So there a question also the validity these second votes. Furthermore the Discipline, if you have before you, you can look. In it states the procedure. They have attempted fulfill what in the first paragraph before number.