Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Could an institution school physicians under state administration have shown better results? As far as the general welfare the children concerned, thesis writing surely not! As regards the hygienic arrangement the lessons, the answer must yes! School physicians should try their best get more influence in arranging the lessons. For a rrtunicipal official absolutely impossible move the cogs this machine education.

Precisely for this reason must hope that the state may interest itself college thesis more and more in the importance the institution school physicians and may delegate some act as advisers the leading The most far-reaching in this respect was an old order the Grand Duchy Baden, which did not only accentuate the hygiene buildings but also the individual hygiene pupils and the measures care.

The duties a school physician to-day cannot better defined as in that help essay writing stately custom essays for cheap order. Not only in own fatherland but in all German federal states the physicians government were required give their special attention school hygiene this, however, happened very seldom.

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They were limited only the control infectious diseases and hygiene the buildings, and thus had the certainly inestimable advantage help in thesis writing that this official medical supervision was extended over the whole state, pay to write a paper in town and country alike. And must furthermore emphasized that the hygienic requirements attached buy psychology papers this supervision were unexceptionally performed, because from the outset they were backed state authority. This supervision was therefore effective, and in spite its quantitatively narrow sphere had a qualitatively good success.

The following countries have had school physicians for state high schools Russia since, Hungary since, Servia since, and Bulgaria since. In the high schools only a very small proportion the youth these countries.

Japan has most certainly adopted a wonderful method regulating its institution school physicians. Since all Japanese elementary school children have been under medical supervision. Only in communities less than, inhabitants the governing body may concern, account special circumstances abstain from the introduction school physicians. After Japan next follows in order time the German federal state, In the years, England then began with the institution school physicians a large scale. Here these were not only introduced, but furthermore, care was taken law that in connec tion therewith, measures recognized as necessary, the feeding and help me write a personal statement treatment school children, were successfully introduced. In the New World the institution school physicians has been legalized several states the Union and Mexico. Here also the scope and manner the organization are naturally widely different but certain towns such as Boston, Chicago and New York, took the lead.

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Later, individual states required law this However, account special conditions in that continent, the carrying out such legal measures in the European Union America certainly much more difficult than in our thickly populated Europe.

In spite or account the amount literature, the information which get in Germany from America, and which perhaps you also get from Germans, nevertheless incomplete, and proves precisely the usefulness international congresses. The exchanging opinions between nations certainly one the best means for the scientific and practical furtherance any given subject. In the Austrian Empire school physicians were instituted the state in the year, at least in all teachers training colleges and schoolpractice institutions, which are kept the state itself. Let now turn best essay writers review the German Empire. As already mentioned, how to buy an essay paper the Duchy Sachsen-Meiningen, in the beginning the century, organized the institution school physicians and introduced officers into all elementary and high schools, into all high, grammar and modern schools, as well as into all colleges and private schools. These visit the above-mentioned institutions twice, the colleges three times, during the year, and examine the newly-entered pupils. Every following fourth year the children are re-examined.