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Other factors probably also contribute the bringing about this difference in sex incidence.

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We will now have pass the next paper, entitled The known and the unknown with ard the etiology and prevention beriberi, There are certainly few diseases concerning which are in a position state that everything with regard them known.

While in general, sanitary measures adopted prevent a given disease must based upon accurate knowledge the cause and methods transmission that disease if they are effective, yet very effective sanitary work in the past has been based upon information which while accurate still incomplete. The sanitarian has controlled smallpox vaccination in spite the fact that no satisfactory demonstration has yet been made with regard the exact biological relationship between vaccinia and smallpox.

Yellow fever has been eradicated in several localities a warfare against the transmitting agent, the stegomyia mosquito, although the etiologic agent the disease still It may worth while take stock our knowledge concerning beriberi. Do know sufficient concerning its etiology prevent the disease, and what gai in our knowledge remain filled? Opinions as the etiology beriberi have varied widely in the past, but for the most part fall into three categories.

Some have believed that was an infectious disease, some that was an intoxication, and some that was caused a certain deficiency in the dietary those affected. The result this confusion has been that with few exceptions the sanitary measures taken prevent this disease have been futile. It worthy note that in the case these thesis research exceptions the measures that succeeded in preventing the disease legal letter writing services consisted in certain radical changes in At the present day there a very general consensus opinion the effect that beriberi caused a dietary deficiency.

It would far exceed the limits imposed upon a paper this character into all the details the work that has led this conclusion. Moreover, the writer has elsewhere research papers to buy online attempted sift all this evi dence. As a result this study, I stated that we are now in a position prevent beriberi in any community that can help in writing essay and will follow our advice, just as surely as can prevent smallpox and yellow fever. In a general way this opinion was based the following facts.

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The Hnplete failure the adherents the infection and intoxication cheap term paper help theories.

The very carefully planned and controlled human feeding experiment Fraser and Stanton in which they demonstrated beyond all cavil that beriberi can experimentally produced in men too exclusive feeding overmilled or highly polished rice. This experiment was later repeated Strong and Growell in the Philippines with a similar result.

The long series animal experiments which have been repeated with substantially the same results in all parts the world and which has been equally demonstrated that various animals, but particularly birds, when fed diets that will produce beriberi in man, suffer with a disease which in some instances identical in symptomatology and pathology order cheap essay with human beriberi and in other instances similar that must believe that essentially the same disease.

The instances referred above in which beriberi has been eradicated from various institutions or groups men certain simple but radical changes in the dietary. Every sanitarian should familiar with the practical results this character reported Van Leent, Vorderman, Takaki, Fletcher, Highet, Heiser, Theee, However, beriberi has still continued prevail in many localities, chiefly because sanitary officers have not been convinced the truth the statement that beriberi a deficiency disease and have been unwilling adopt the necessary dietary changes. Since, when the writer published the results his investigation, there has been a considerable amount experimental work that has confirmed the belief that beriberi caused a dietary deficiency, and not one iota evidence the contrary that will stand careful analysis. Many statements casting doubt the dietary origin beriberi have appeared during this time in the literature. These instances will not bear careful investigation. Most them consist occasions in which beriberi reported have occurred in spite the fact that the dietary stated have been satisfactory as quantity and quality. In all these cases either no details at all or entirely insufficient data as the diet actually eaten are given. Often these epidemics are reported the very man responsible for the diet used, and who would naturally believe that was satisfactory, although might actually have very small reason for this belief.