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Nursing thesis

WORK OF SCHOOL PHYSICIANS AND HEALTH OFFICIALS THE CORRELATION OF THE WORK OF SCHOOL The beginning the medical examination school children in this country was made in the State Massachusetts in the fall. To Dr. Samuel Durgin Boston, then doctor the city Board Health, more than any other one person, belongs the credit for starting the work and for establishing legislative authority make useful and efficient.


Durgin's purpose examining school children was two-fold i To look after the physical welfare, as well as the mental development the child, and prevent, far as possible, the spread In recent years the educational authorities have come realize the close interrelation between the physical and mental development the child the extent that they now consider their duty look It has thus come about that both health and school authorities claim within their province provide such inspection the school children as protect them from harm reason their attending school not only from disease which may originate outside the school or among the school children, but from conditions ill-health detected in the Let see how the inspection work conducted to-day in a Massachusetts town with a population about, inhabitants, including a school population about. In this town two physicians are employed the school committee at a salary per year. In order supplement the work the physicians a school nurse employed at a salary.

Nursing thesis

Although both physicians and nurse are responsible the school committee, they conduct their best essay writing work in such manner as they deem proper, neither being guided instructions issued the There then, no supervision the work the part the school committee. Moreover, neither the physicians nor the nurses are familiar with the work the local health officials.

The school physician's business exclude from the school pupils found physically or mentally unfit for work, and those known have any communicable disease the local health official's business discover the source infection any and all cases communicable disease in the community, within or without the school, and all within his power prevent the spread infection. The school physician, far as influenced at all, follows the idea the school superintendent carrying out the original course work that was planned at the beginning the school year, and does everything that can prevent the school's being closed. The local health officer, the other hand, when there a case scarlet fever or diphtheria, acting either with or without the advice the school physician, closes the school through the power the Board Health establish quarantine, and often unwisely and unnecessarily causes an interruption Suppose, instead the school physicians and nurses being in the employ the school committees and having no official dealings with the Board Health, the school and health inspection work entirely in the hands the local Board Health what then happens? In a Massachusetts city with purchase college research papers a population about, including a school population about, there are six school physicians in the employ the Board Health.

Two nurses are also employed the Board follow into the homes many the children with defects or diseases discovered the physicians.

Each physician and nurse does practically as or she pleases, visits the schoolhouses and the homes the pupils and submits his or her report at irregular intervals the Board Health.

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The Board has issued no printed or written instructions for the guidance either physicians or nurses. One physician, for example, may and does take a great deal interest in his work, the interest carrying him along even for the small salary per year, that does for the city far more than paid for doing whereas another physician does his work in an irregular fashion, taking little interest partly because the small salary, and submitting his reports only when But there one saving thing about the work as conducted in this city, for each school physician must report at once the Board Health every case communicable disease in the school and in the community wherein the school located, for acts not only as school physician but as agent the Board Health.

He has, however, no idea correlating the school and health work any more than has the Board From what has been said, therefore, will inferred that whether the school inspectioif work conducted persons in the employ the local school committee or the Board Health, not supervised in the great majority the cities and towns in the Commonwealth. WORK OF SCHOOL PHYSICIANS AND HEALTH OFFICIALS What the reason for this lack definite supervision the work school physicians? The answer, would seem, the same as applies all health work lack sufficient interest and appreciation the part the public as the benefits that come from work this sort if well done, and consequently, lack money standardize and put the work pay to write paper The lowest salary paid the school committee to-day in any Massachusetts community for school physician's work per year the highest, per year. School physicians in online custom writing services the employ Boards Health, course, receive higher salaries, mba thesis since their duties comprise many the duties a local health official but even then usually the limit, unless the general health duties predominate, in which case a physician may receive a salary,, rarely, Admitting the facts as presented persons in the work, what steps can and should taken at once strengthen the incoordinated attempts made examine the children in the public schools in the interest the health the entire community? We know that too little money provided for both school and community health work, and have reason believe that the public does not yet understand and consequently does not appreciate the someone to write my paper importance preventive health work. A more generous appropriation should furnished, particularly the local communities through the efforts able and influential citizens who should told explicitly, in a businesslike manner, why more money needed and how used. In spite the present limited appropriation, school and health officials are already obtaining much assistance from the public, some which has been direct the part certain individuals, for example, physicians and others who are giving their time and efforts practically without financial compensation, and some indirect through the representatives the people in the Legislature means legislation. The question naturally arises as whether the best use made the assistance already given. Model work in any community deserves wide recognition and may used as a standard which work an imperfect sort should brought. Has this been done? Is there, for instance, at present any individual or board that could urge upon certain communities in the State the highest standard and method school inspection work developed other communities? To able accomplish a thing this sort requires familiarity with local conditions throughout the Commonwealth. This, in turn, requires men experience in preventive medicine who have been thrown in contact with business and social interests in the local communities men good judgment and with broad interests, whose chief aim in life conserve the public health, preventing far as possible the spread disease, and pointing out all sorts conditions and circumstances that are known prejudicial health. 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