Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Talcott's amendment behalf the committee. The amendment was E. Dale Dunlap Kansas West made the committee's final statement in support the report. The report was adopted and referred the General Council Finance and Administration Legislative Committee Higher Education Resolutions Black Colleges and the Black College Fund Theodore Walter South Carolina, chairperson the legislative committee, called attention two resolutions printed pages H H the Advance Edition the Daily doctorian Advocate. He reported that the committee was help with an essay recommending that the dollar amounts changed those recommended the General Council Finance and Administration, and that the resolutions then adopted and referred GCFA. The recommendation was adopted see pages, Legislative Committee Discipleship Report, Calendar Robert Morgan North Alabama, chairperson the legislative committee, presented the report, which would authorize the establishment a Hymnal Revision Committee see. Edward Duncan Detroit presented a report the hjTnnal study which had been authorized General Conference, the results which were printed pages E E the Advance Edition the Daily doctorian Advocate. At the suggestion the Chair, the Conference voted suspend the rules permit consideration the report, inasmuch as had not been in the hands delegates for the length time specified in the rules. Mr. Morgan explained that since the time the report was submitted for printing, there had been additional conversations with representatives the General Board Discipleship, the General Council help for writing a thesis Finance and Administration, and the United Publishing House about ways reduce the size the committee and thereby reduce the cost the committee's work.

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Based those conversations, presented changes in the membership and cost estimates as they would now differ from the report as printed in the Daily doctorian Advocate. Charles Lippse Holston moved that the legislative committee report and the report the preparatory study referred the General Board Discipleship, and that the Board Discipleship and the General Council Finance and Administration come with a proposal for a hymnal revision best paper writing site committee.

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Charles Lee California-Nevada expressed concern that the reduced size the committee might not allow for adequate representation ethnic minority persons. Mr. Morgan replied that the committee as had outlined would include ethnic William Trudeau Alaska Missionary moved delete the sentence recommended the committee The Hymnal Committee shall instructed respect the language custom handwriting paper traditional hymns as contained in United hymnal, and substitute the following The language historic hymns may retained as necessary.

He spoke in support his amendment.

LaVerne Burton Little Rock spoke against and in favor the committee's online essay service language. Yvonne Ferris Nebraska asked a question about an action the Conference a different report deahng with a similar issue.

The Chair replied that this was a different report, and the Conference could act as wished David Lundquist West Michigan asked a question about the meaning the committee's language Mr.

Morgan answered. Mr. Lundquist sought offer a substitute for Mr. Trudeau amendment, but the Chair observed that the time set for an order the day had been reached, and that would necessary interrupt consideration this report. representatives, for are aware several significant things that seem characterize the United s and are important elements your experience and this General Conference. I think one that I have become very aware the importance and respect for your pluralism.