Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Whereas, statistics prove that the pupils under sixteen years age in our.

The cooperation the federal, state and municipal authorities, the aid educators, physicians, and all professional men, as well as parents and the commonwealth, should invoked assist dentists in combating the ravages that disease most frequently attacking our juvenile population, namely, tooth disease.

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The public should made aware the urgent need for the installation dental clinics for the benefit school children all the educational phd degree methods known, in order that the way may paved for the treatment tooth diseases, and the establishment oral cleanliness.

General knowledge the cause tooth disease, including the means preserving the teeth systematic treatment and clinical operations ought universally proclaimed, and form a part the teaching hygiene in every school.

Provision should made for the gratuitous treatment custom papers online the teeth children indigent parents.

School dentists should appointed the proper authorities inspect, treat, fill, and regulate school children's teeth extractions should supplanted systematic treatment, and dental examinations should followed filling carious teeth and correcting irregularities. Upon entrance into a school, the pupil's teeth should examined, and a report their condition made the teacher, parents, or guardians, and appointments made with the school dentist give any needed attention. Thereafter the teeth should regularly inspected, at least twice a year, and the mouth kept in the best condition possible. The teacher parent, or guardian would expected cooperate with the dentist the extent seeing that the pupil kept appointments and obeyed.

A record the condition the teeth upon entering a school, the name, address, age, sex, color, and temperament the pupil, includmg treatments made, fillings inserted, extractions performed, and irregularities corrected, with date each, should entered in a file or card. The work in school clinics should performed paid operators, and the salary fixed previous agreement with the proper authorities, and regulated according the number hours actually spent in THE STATUS OF SCHOOL DENTISTRY. National and state laws should passed authorizing, First, dental inspection in public schools, and Second, appropriations out the public funds for installing, equipping, and conducting free dental clinics for children under sixteen, whose parents are too poor pay for. All nations and all classes society should urged unite in a systematic world-wide movement for the purpose propagating the dental clinic for schools, as a fundamental and integral part school CONTROL OF DENTAL CARIES IN SCHOOL CHILDREN From the beginning the oral hygiene propaganda as well as at the present time the undefined though expressed policy reflects an attempt instill into the popular mind the belief that the care the teeth such as may practiced at home will prevent dental caries. The futiHty this teaching becomes apparent after consideration the forces instrumental in producing decay.

Paraphrasing powerpoint

Sociologically the class most in need state paternity that in whose homes common sanitary requirements are ignored, where the body bath practiced seasons, if at all, and the food supply a quality deplored. It not expected that the children such shall outside influence acquire the dental professional dissertation writing service toilet habits the cultured.

Physiologically the teeth not differ from other organs in their being a product the nutritional supply, when this inadequate the teeth show the effect and their resultant incomplete development not The pathological secret the active cause caries Miller has proven the result the acid secretion micro-organisms, in the main, lactic acid fermentation. More recent investigations tend show that caries prevalent when the character the salivary secretion favorable for the growth the acid producing bacteria. By this brief review follows deduction that the theory a perfect nutritional balance fundamentally the secret prevention thus inadequate nutriment during the developmental period resulting in incomplete enamel formation and after eruption the summarizing paraphrasing teeth the customer service essay saliva influenced the character the diet becoming media favorable for the development the decalcifying agents. In support che theory the influence mastication as a prophylactic measure, because the beneficial influence exercise development, many skulls primitive races have been examined find the teeth free from decay and showing signs excessive use. This evidence also convinces that these teeth were completely developed for without this latter condition complete functioning would have been It properly a modern complaint that not chew enough, nor strange that our children not use their teeth when seen that because imperfections in development, they are from the moment CONTROL OF DENTAL CARIES IN SCHOOL CHJLDREN eruption unable resist the influences producing decay and in this condition not fit for use, hence not used. It conforming a modern remedy a modern disease that the school dental clinic offered as a definite measure for control midway between adequate nutrition as a municipal problem and oral hygiene Clinical evidence shows that certain permanent teeth are decayed at one, two and three years after eruption, or at seven, eight and nine years age, because these particular teeth are incompletely developed at the time eruption. In them are minute crevices providing lodgement for the acid-producing bacteria. The first requisite therefore that these natural imperfections shall artificially repaired, and for this condition the only known remedy the filling. The first permanent molars are four, two lower and two upper, erupting back the last temporary molar, the latter being the fifth tooth from the median line each side each jaw. 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