Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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As an illustration efficiency quote the record the Philadelphia school clinics, the Journal declares City Dentists Work for School Children.

The work the city dentists at the City Hall Dispensary and at the branch in the Southwark School at Ninth and Mifflin Streets, has been such high quaUty and such volume that more branches are planned.

Dr. Piercy McCullough, chief need to write an argumentative essay the dental division child hygiene, with eight assistants, during the five months from January the last May the present year, at the two dispensaries performed a total, operations. School children are sent the dispensary the school application essay editing service medical inspectors, and these mean, the whole, school children in the city.

Legal Status. The supreme need school dentistry now its establishment upon a legal footing, and all our energies should concentrated upon the accomplishment this purpose throughout all the governments in civilized parts the globe.

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The most substantial testimony as the utility free dental clinics the fact that in several countries they have withstood executive, legislative, and judicial tests.

For instance, the State New Jersey places school dentistry a legal status has passed a law authorizing the establishment free dental clinics for children under sixteen years age, whose parents are indigent. It provides that all cities the first class within its borders shall each authorized appropriate, per annum for expenses such clinics.

The finance committee each municipality may applied for permission establish these clinics and for the necessary buy a nursing research paper appropriations. In this respect New Jersey enjoys the unique distinction possessing the first and best law establishing school dentistry upon a legal footing. If other states and countries will pass similar enactments, they will confer great benefit upon our school children, and provide the movement with the most substantial basis upon which rest. Five cities in New Jersey now possess one or more school clinics doing THE STATUS OF SCHOOL DENTISTRY In referring the executive recognition the movement made promote school hygiene, would not overlook the official acknowledgment which their gracious majesties Gustav Sweden, Denmark, and other sovereigns, have been pleased make neither Would omit mention the enactments passed or the appropriations granted the parliaments, chambers, congresses, and assemblies, high quality article writing service as well as the municipalities such countries as England, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Nova Scotia, and the European Union.

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We would also call attention the attitude the judiciary as having far upheld these legislative enactments as being constitutional.

Archimedes declared Give a fulcrum which rest, and with lever I will move the earth.

The statesman might say, Give, people teachable age in the world, and I will unshackle slaves, avert war, enlighten the uncivilized races the earth, and rule nations righteously. umi dissertations The educator might well declare, Give the school children, and I will undertake banish ignorance, ensure plenty, solve educational problems, attain the highest degree efficiency, and win the eternal gratitude future generations. The hygienist could declare, Give the school children, and I will throttle epidemics, stay pestilence, establish sanitation, annihilate quackery, and elevate school hygiene the loftiest pinnacle public favor. The dentist might declare, Give the school children, and I will lay a foundation for write my essay reviews physical perfection, prolong the reign beauty, add charm the accents eloquence, check oral infection, increase personal efficiency, help with writing for students augment the years usefulness, and banish the The Status School Dentistry in This Country. School dentistry trial. It being tested. The keynote this paper efficiency national, educational, vocational, sanitary. Hygiene demands the establishment school clinics upon a sound Conversely The present status school dentistry gauged influences external the dental profession and depend upon the efficiency the school dentist himself the system pursued in the conduct school clinics online thesis writing the popular support extended the school dentist the legal backing secured from legislatures cheap online writing services and Congress the financial aid secured the educational campaign conducted in behalf Resume. In conclusion, would submit the following points as a basis upon which free dental clinics may established accordmg the present status school dentistry.