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He found that there was a still more marked decrease when the temperature order custom essays online fell below. There was thus a period maximum productivity in both factories and educational institutions in spring and fall, with a minimiun period in winter and another minimum in summer.

Sudden diangee, the other hand, in either direction were stimulating.

In Prof.

Huntington's book Civilization and Climate connects these observations in a most interesting and suggestive way with the efficiency mankind imder the various climates the globe.

A word should said as one other important effect excessive temperature, its influence upon dissertations express infant mortality. It might supposed that the infant, having more surface get rid the heat in comparison with its bulk, would not suffer severely from heat, but this advantage much more than overbalanced the greater sensitiveness its organization. The combined effect artificial feeding and high atmospheric temperature what causes the great loss infant life from summer complaint. A young baby can usually custom thesis writing services live in cold weather even when fed with cow's milk a baby can live through severe summer weather if fed at the breast. The combination the deadly thing.

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Investigations in Berlin and elsewhere have shown that the infant mortality in summer two distinct types.

In the first place, diuing early summer there are deaths among infants due direct essay writers for hire heat stroke, sudden short illnesses due, primarily the effect heat, but occurring almost exclusively among infants artificially fed. Later the babies die from summer complaint, from long drawn out diarrhea, in which the milk plays a somewhat laiger part, but in which the lowering the vital resistance I look forward the day when there will not only artificially cooled hospital rooms for babies, but cool day and nurseries in the crowded tenement districts where babies can essay paper writers taken when a severe spell weather sets in. There verj-little question that such a provision quite as important, if not more important than the provision warm habitations in winter.

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Finally, one other effect remains considered the effect atmospheric conditions the membranes the nose and throat.

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Benjamin Franklin said that people who live in the forest, in open bams, or with open windows, not catch cold, and that the disease called a cold generally caused impure air, lack exerdse, or college essay community service from overeating.

This general phenomenon course very familiar yet there has been little exact scientific evidence this point. This a subject which the New York State Conmiission Ventilation has been taking during the past year in a series experiments under the immediate direction Dr. James Alexander Miller. With our experimental write my paper apa format rooms were able not only expose the subject first a hot condition and then a cold condition, and vice versa, but having them bend over in a somewhat uncomfortable posidon could have the body in one room exposed one atmosphere, and the head in another exposed another atmosphere. These experiments confurmed the conclusions Hill and Muecke that in going from a hot room a cold room the membranes the nose become paler and less moist, while the inferior turbinates contract. Wo found, help writing my thesis statement however, that when the change was too sharp, when the subject passed from a hot room into a cold room with a strong draft the argument essay help face, frequently happened that while the redness the meml ranes decreased, the swelling and paleness did not deoreaae but often increased, that the membranes were swollen and bathed civil service essay with mucous secretion, but without an ample blood supply an ideal condition for the cultivation disease bacteria. Apparently this the phenomenon which Hes at the base catching cold going from a hot room into the cold air. We examined a number workers who had lived under skbnormal conditionsfurnace men, exposed hot dry air laundrymen, exposed hot, moist air and truckmen and teamsters, exposed severe outdoor-air conditions. We found abnormal reactions among these subjects in much greater degree and these occupational groups showed much more chronic nasal disease than did the student subjects.