Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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On the other hand, progressive communities some large and some small have been encouraged a splendid degree health oversight school children. Not only have the provisions the law been admirably carried out, but a variety experimental efforts in the conservation the health and in the promotion the development school children have been made and some these have already borne excellent fruit.

Throughout the State the legislation has, dissertation topics during the seven years its operation, produced some important results.

Perhaps the most significant these has been the slow but certain education many communities as the possibility and desirability controlling and COMPULSORY MEDICAL INSPECTION OF SCHOOLS IN MASSACHUSETTS need help write my paper l limiting communicable diseases in schools. There a general consensus opinion that the prevalence communicable diseases has been materially reduced through the efforts the school physicians. The sight and hearing tests made the teachers are also producing good results. Responsibilities health oversight how to proofread an essay through the agency the school nurse are being demonstrated, even in some comparatively small communities.

The general effects the legislation have been good cannot said that has done any harm, nor has entailed heavy expenditure.

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But also clear that adequate results are as yet found in only a fewcommunities.

In many towns in Massachusetts probable that additional administrative agencies must provided before satisfactory health oversight school children will help for college essays an act-uality.

The first these, in the can i get someone to write my essay estimation the writer, should a specialist in medical inspection employed the state give his entire time the work advising with and assisting school physicians in the execution their work. Many the practitioners, now called upon give a small proportion their time school health inspection, have not had the opportunity familiarize themselves with the needs and possibilities their services, except as these relate communicable english essay helper diseases. They are unfamiliar with recent developments in child hygiene, and possess insufficient knowledge the effect school studies, environment, nurture, play and rest upon health. A special agent, an expert in these matters, employed the state, should able, with comparatively little difficulty, render available for school physicians a large amount and variety information as the effective essay writers online performance their work. In large part the material for this purpose now available within the state itself in those communities which have taken the initiative in developing adequate health supervision. Through the efforts this specialist employed the state would possible study the effects the operation the present law and the possibilities the further development medical inspection.

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On many points more extended information needed. For example, the law now requires the school physician approve all employment certificates.

But this approval now perfunctory in most instances because physicians themselves possess few standards as the relation physical development various kinds occupation. Again, in the case chronic ailments, the machinery which the recommendations the school physician are carried out crude, and uncertain operation. Many educators believe that only through the agency the school nurse will prove possible have parents give needed attention the physical deficiencies their children. The present law permits school committees, even in small com munities, appoint more than one school physician. It a serious question whether there should not a concentration responsibility and an opportunity for one physician specialize in the work health oversight. In no other way does seem practicable carry effective health oversight beyond the field the communicable diseases, the end that may deal with the more obscure, but also more important matters chronic defect and the systematic promotion general The existing Massachusetts law provides for the ultimate control medical inspection school conimittees, but a special provision made the effect that in cities where local Boards Health, at the time the passage the law, had made beginnings write my report online best essay writing services in the work, that authority should continue in control. As regards the relation medical inspection communicable diseases, this provision was probably not unwise.