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Hygienists turned next the coganic custom papers review matter, a subject much harder study.

It was simple try out various percentages carbon dioxide and oxygen, paraphrasing site but with ofganic matter a hypothetical nature the opportunity for tic imaginings was mudi greater. The conception subtle organic poisons in the air probably due Brown-S quard mcH than any one else Brown-S uard, notable among biologists because college research paper help had three or four entirely erroneous opinions important points which ampported brilliant and apparently convincing experiments, and which took decades disprove. He believed that could demonstrate the presence organic poisons condensing the material from the breath animals and injecting into other animals, which died as a result.

It was later shown that they would have died in exactly the same way if the same amount pure water at the same temperature had been injected.

Then placed animals in jars and allowed them breathe the air breathed other animals, once more with fatal results. These experiments were harder control, but was finally shown that the animals died from excessive carbon dioxide or from the chilling effect excessive moisture.

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Many others have repeated these experiments excluding such factors, and all them have obtained unif mly tive The series investigations conducted Prof. Roeenau, Harvard, about five yean ago approached this questicm in a somewhat different way. If a minute amount some foreign protein substance injected into an animal, after a certain time the animal will become highly sensitive that particular protein and will die in a coursework help few minutes from a second injection, with characteristic symptoms. This anaphylactic reaction a test for the specificity proteins. Rosenau attempted use this method for the detection very minute quantities oiganic substances, and believed that had demonstrated that there were such substances present in the expired air. He collected, for example, the matter expired in the breath a dog and injected iuto a guinea pig, and later injected dog-blood serum into the guinea pig, when, as believed, the guinea pig died with symptoms anaphylactic shock, which would indicate that there was a specific protein substance given off in the breath, althou course not necessarily an intrinsically poisonous one.

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These experiments have now, however, been repeated three other observers, Leonard Hill in England and Weismann and Lucas in New York City, the latter whom worked under direction.

All three entirely failed confirm Rosenau's experiments. There has been one series investigations carried out during the past year the New York State Commission Ventilation, which again reopens this question in a different form. We have been carrying rather extensive experiments for the past three years, which I shall refer in more detail later in which human subjects were exposed known air conditions and a wide variety physiological and psychological observations made upon them. In the course Uieee experiments thought would interesting see whether heat had any effect dissertation abstracts online appetite for food.

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We served our subjects in the experimental chamber with a standard luncheon, and weighed the amount that they left the plates afterwards see how much they had eaten. We did not find very striking results due the heat, but found what had not expected, a marked effect vitiated air compared with fresh air at the same temperature. We gave our subjects certain days fresh outside pure air at low temperature other days fresh pure outside air raised a high temperature other days kept the same air in the room all day, allowing become chemically vitiated, but regulating its temperature. We found our great surprise that comparing do my coursework the fresh air and vitiated air days with the same temperature and humidity there was a distinct difference in the amount food eaten. One series experiments showed more food eaten the stale air days. more for the whole squad subjects but this series had been stopped in the middle before calculating the results, because the religious prejudices the subjects had entirely destroyed its value. We happened come across a series fast days, and these subjects were women who were very orthodox, and found that ritual was governing the amount they ate, not air condition.