Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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This the work the Supervisors Hygiene. We have already mentioned the need the local supervisor hygiene for a city, a group small cities, or for a rural region, say a township or county. A city as small as ten thousand population can easily afford such health leadership.

As cities increase in size the need for such leadership becomes greater and greater.

Of course not expect an immediate can you write my essay or complete realization such health administration. General hygiene supervisors are now being provided states and the larger cities. The present movement for the improvement help write my essay rural life and rural education will also undoubtedly ultimately bring about such school health organization as here set as a tentative. Organization Educational purchase research papers Hygiene The Supervisor Hygiene paid, let say, digital dissertations for his services for the beginning year or years.

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For two hours or more each day may medically examine the school children. With two hours a day can in the school year examine a maximum about, pupils and make such inspections anything less than the annual routine physical examination once a year each pupil as prove necessary, assignment writing help australia apart from the examinations. Some cities now have two or three part-time physicians for this number pupils. For each other group, pupils the Supervisor will, at first, need a part-time physician. The latter should paid a month forty hours, the average, for two hours daily service in examining pupils and making a few necessary inspections urgent cases referred him the nurse or teachers. He should make examinations in but one school a day, perhaps five different ones a week or ten in two weeks, depending upon the number schools necessary furnish the required number pupils, thus eliminating the great losses time due traveling about from school school each day tours inspection, work legitimately belonging the nurse.

The physician a medical best research paper writing service examiner principally, not an inspector.

He has as his assistant a school nurse who helps at examinations, refers him difficult cases, makes most the inspections, and does part write my mba dissertation the follow-up work. The number assistant physicians, or medical examiners, can roughly determined subtracting from the number pupils, elementary and high, for the Supervisor and dividing the remaining number.

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During the remainder his day the Supervisor Hygiene can devote himself the supervision the work the nurses, the assistant physicians, the hygienic aspects new and old buildings, the school clinic or clinics, if any, play and playgrounds, athletics, and the other work physical education.

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Here, as suggested, may another large saving towards his salary, for in many places the present poorly trained elementary writings services physical training teachers, with salaries ranging upward, may entirely eliminated. We have now in their place one who knows not only the field hygiene and physical education, but vastly more in the field preventive and curative medicine. A numbef other such savings toward his salary will apparent many superintendents mba essay editing when help writing thesis statement the idea applied their own school systems. Where, course, cities or other localities have done little or nothing toward meeting best custom writing service the health situation have few or no teachers physical education, have no nurses, no physicians, no clinics, little or no expenditures for the improvement the health and energy their charges who look upon children in a partial, psychological manner as disembodied mentalities instead wholely and entirely then make modern hygienic knowledge general school and community practice will mean money, from two three or five per cent current school expenditures. But even here a three per cent increase, say, will not mean permanently increased outlays for the simple reason that bad health conditions unremedied and unprevented have already been a large and insidious THE ADMINISTRATION OF EDUCATIONAL HYGIENE I means waste. Health the greatest economy a school can purchaseand preventive education goes hand in hand with preventive medicine At the begmnmg there should at least one nurse each physician including the supervisor. In most localities, however, there will probably soon provided one nurse for, at most, each, pupils enrolledbetter, for each, pupils enrolled.