Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Waring, and in that at the Qeofgia State Sanitarium, Assistant Epidemiologist Orpkanage ttudy, Tbe two orphanages at which the value diet in the prevention pellagra has been tested are located in Jackson, Miss. At both, cases pellagra have been recognized for several years.

During ibe spring and summer, September, a total cases pellagra was observed in the children admission cases, others appeared have developed first after considerable periods residence, while a large proportion were in long-time essay proofreading services residents. The factor or factors causing pellagra and favoring its recurrence seemed, therefore, operative at both institutions.

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At both, places hygienic and sanitary conditions left much desired. Both were overcrowded. Each drew and has continued draw its drinking water from the public supply.

One has a water-carriage sewerage system connected with that the city the other provided only with unscreened privies. At dissertation consulting the christian ghostwriting services latter a great deal soil pollution was noted. thesis titles Before beginning the test was requested that no change made in hygienic and sanitary conditions this request, believed, has been fully complied with. Since about the middle September, the diet at both orphanages has in certain respects been supplemented the Public Health Service. At both institutions a very decided increase was made in the dissertation phd proportion the fresh animal and the leguminous essay writing website reviews protein foods.

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The milk supply was greatly increased.

The children between years age were provided with a cup essay writer website about ounces milk at least twice a day.

Those under had three times a day.

Until the spring the milk used was all fresh sweet milk. In April that year buttermilk was added the diet this was served at first only alternate days those over years proposal writing services age later was served all at the midday meal. Eggs, which had not previously entered into the regular diet these children, were served those under years age at the morning meal.

It had been the custom serve fresh meat but once a week this was article rewriting service increased three or four times a week. Beans and peas, which had been conspicuous in the diet only during the summer and fall, were made an important part nearly every midday meal at all seasons. No canned foods other than tomatoes were allowed. This was done in order eliminate the possibly injurious action the foods the high temperatures which they are necessarily subjected in the process. custom assignment writing The carbohydrate component the institution diets was modified with the object reducing the proportion this element. In this connection may noted that though the com component was much reduced was not wholly excluded. Com bread was allowed all children once a week and those over years age grits once or twice a week in addition. Phil. Trans. pages quarto. Memorandum websites for essay writing concerning research paper writer a new vegetable muscipula. Phil.. 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