Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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It will greatly aid you mark off the floor with parallel lines one foot apart.

The child should sit over the first mark. The test made having the left ear tightly closed with the finger while you observe the ability the child homework dissertation statistics help help writing repeat your moderate whispers numbers between inclusive, avoiding those with cyphers as, etc.

Then have the child turn the left ear toward you and with the right ear tightly closed with his finger, repeat the whispered numbers.

If repeats correctly at feet a series numbers with each ear turned toward you, his hearing recorded as or normal. If fails repeat the numbers at feet, you should forward foot foot until can repeat a series numbers correctly. Avoid having a wall behind you act as a sounding board.

The figures should have as nearly equal emphasis as possible. Where difficult get some the youngest children repeat the numbers, a fair idea their hearing may had placing the child at feet with his back towards research essay help you. Close first his left ear and ask him in a whisper make some unsual movement his hand.

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Then close the right ear and test the left in the same way.

Record the number feet from the child, for each ear, at which makes the movement accord No further test necessary if the child hears the numbers perfectly with each ear.

If the child shows deafness for the whispered numbers a further test may made observing how the child hears the tick an ordinary watch which should heard a normal ear at a distance not less than three feet.

The test should made with each ear closed and turned toward you while the other tested as for the whispered numbers, and the eyes should also closed that the child cannot see where the watch. Recording Hearing. The hearing recorded a fraction which the numerator represents the distance you are from the child and the denominator.

If repeats the numbers correctly at feet his hearing or normal. If only repeats the numbers correctly when you are at feet, at feet. Abnormal Conditions. Ascertain whether the child has frequent earaches, has pus or a foul odor proceeding from either ear, suffers from frequent colds in the head, subject a constant catarrhal discharge from the nose or throat or a mouthbreather. Do not question the child find out these conditions, but depend what you have observed during the school work. The custom writing essay service teeth each child should carefully examined determine their general condition, and which are decayed. Each child should questioned as whether or not a tooth brush used daily or more often, as the presence help me write a thesis statement toothache, and as its ability properly masticate food. Eaoh child should impressed with the importance proper care the teeth pay to do my paper and the importance eating slowly and thoroughly chewing its food. Such teeth as are found decayed should indicated the accompanying dental chart, a copy which should kept at the school for future reference, and a record thereof included the report card forwarded the State Department Health.